Who's "That Girl"? Meet The New Fitness Programme Perfect For Your Busy Life

14 February 2014 by

There's a new girl in town and she's ready to take the fashion world by storm. "That Girl" is a series of high intensity video workouts and nutrition plans tailored by women for women created by personal trainer Christina Howells and Charli Cohen. Here's what you need to know...

That Girl Christina Howells

"That Girl" is a new fitness programme from two insider experts [That Girl]

1. Christina is a favourite with the style brigade

She trains an impressive fashion hotlist including Grazia's very own Jane Bruton and Love magazine's Katie Grand to name just a few. As the go-to lady for busy professional women, Christina understands the female body and the demands of a hectic lifestyle so has mastered an effective and time-efficient training style.

2. Charli trained as a fashion designer and a personal trainer

Bridging the gap between performance activewear and ready-to-wear fashion, her eponymous, British-made brand is born out of her knowledge of these two passions: fashion and women's fitness. Fusing luxury, technology and futuristic edginess, the Charli Cohen brand is synonymous with clever, body-sculpting cuts and the highest quality in cutting edge sport-tech fabrics.

3. "That Girl" is perfect for the busy professional woman

The programme is versatile enough be done at home, at the office, in the park or at the gym. There's an unmistakable London edge to the gritty city-based visuals (see more in the gallery below) and, brilliantly, a fashion focus. Christina demonstrates each exercise, styled by Charli, with contributions from Love magazine's Katie Grand, fashion's footwear favourite Nike and cult hosiery label Mrs Miller.

Want a taster of "That Girl"? Here's Christina's GIF Guide to her three favourite workout moves...

1. Gliding lunge pattern

This is my personal favourite working the entire leg musculature whilst incorporating balance, co-ordination and flexibility


Stand with feet together and arms by your side


1) Step the left leg out to the side in a lunge position so the left knee bends at 90 degrees, as you sit the hips backwards. The right leg remains straight with your heel firmly on the floor.

2) The Left arm reaches up and gently back to open the chest whilst the right hand reaches towards the left shin.

3) Step the legs back together and then repeat the movement stepping out on a diagonal backwards following the same arm pattern.

Repeat 8-12 repetitions on each leg.

Hot tip: Ensure you don’t just reach the hand to the floor but rather bent deep into the lunging leg to activate the glut muscles whilst keeping the chest lifted.

2. Pike press up

This is an excellent body weight exercise that challenges strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.


Get into push up position with your feet on a chair. Walk your hands backwards so your hips lift to the sky. Your hands are a little wider than shoulder width.  The head drops between the arms and the back is flat.


Bend at the elbows to lower the head towards the floor as you maintain your gaze through your legs.  Return to start position. Keep the legs straight throughout

Repeat 8-12

Hot tip: This is a demanding exercise that can be modified by keeping the feet on the floor.

3. Shooting star

Works the waist and outer thigh and is a favorite run way ready move


Come into a modified side plank as shown with your right knee and hand on floor. Right Shoulder is in line with the wrist. Left arms reaches up to the sky creating length. Left leg is straight and the foot is softly pointed.


Keeping your weight balanced, lengthen and lift your left leg to hip level and return to the start position keeping the movement controlled and the waist lifted.

Repeat 15-20 each side

Hot Tip: You can add a lightweight in the lengthened arm and imagine pushing upwards into the weight as you root the other hand down into the ground.

That Girl launches on 14th February, right in time for London Fashion Week. Find out more at thatgirllondon.com


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