The Grazia Team's Top 10 New Year Beauty Resolutions

31 December 2013 by

© Jason Lloyd Evans


© Jason Lloyd Evans

1. Chrissy Amer, Editorial Assistant

"In 2014 I am determined to crack the liquid eyeliner flick – the ultimate achievement will be getting the flicks to match!  My second resolution is to impose a toiletry buying ban and not buy any new products until all my hotel minis and testers are used up.  It’s frugal plus it will free up more room for new stuff once my bank balance recovers from Xmas!"

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

2. Jessica Vince, Digital Editor

"Every Christmas I say I'm going to dye my hair a copper-y colour, but always bail out. This year, I'm determined to take the plunge. My hairdresser recommended I do it gradually and go from my natural dark blonde colour to a warmer shade that's perfect for winter. Baby steps!"

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

3. Lily Russo, Shopping Editor

"Mine is to drink more water and moisturise my hands more – my grandma used to every night, and I don’t want wrinkly hands."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

4. Liz Hambleton, Beauty Director

"I want to work my brows: I’m determined to play up my brows more in 2014 and get to grips with making the most of them. This will include tinting and shaping, not to mention becoming a whizz with a brow pencil."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

5. Louisa Pritchard, News Features Director

"I want to ‘2014’ my make-up – I’ve been wearing the same mascara, brow pencil and blusher combo for EVER so determined to freshen up my look for the New Year."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

6. Olivia Foster, Senior News Reporter

"I have two beauty resolutions this year. The first is that I am going to get an actual haircut, in an actual hairdressers – it’s been two years since I had it done professionally after a disastrous and horrifying experience that saw me loose seven inches when I wanted to lose one (I cried solidly for a week). The second is to find the perfect moisturiser for my face rather than going for whatever I can find..."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

7. Poppy Lara, Contributing Beauty Editor

"My resolution for 2014 is to pay more attention to what my skin and body it tell me – something I think so many of us ignore. I’m going to have make-up days off, to let my skin have a break from foundation, do more raw foods days and  drink more water- possibly the oldest beauty resolution but the most effective."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

8. Rose Beer, Acting Beauty Editor

"Next year I have vowed to myself to make sure that my brows are in check and well groomed. No more leaving three months between treading and tinting appointments for me....promise! I turn to the amazing Blink Brow Bars (nationwide) to tend to mine - their brow menu is well priced and extensive and the finish is always fabulous!"

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

9. Sophie Bew, Senior Fashion Assistant

"I pledge to always use a hot cloth cleanser at night- I sometimes just remove my make-up and then moisturise- bad! I also really want to find a good moisturiser that can handle winter weather."

© Jason Lloyd-Evans

10. Tor Cardona, Beauty and Web Co-Ordinator

"With two half-marathons in the diary for 2014 I think the New Year is the perfect time to start practicing yoga- something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Although people think running is a good way to beat stress it actually increases levels of cortisol so I think yoga is the perfect way to help balance things out, force to me to really relax and improve my posture at the same time!"

If, like us, you spend the entire year making half-hearted promises to yourself to shake up your beauty regime then make 2014 the year you officially put things into action! After all, there’s no time like a new year to mix things up in the beauty department. What’s more, we reckon the humble beauty resolution is far more achievable than your average, larger-than-life resolution and will make you feel and look good to boot. Want to know what team Grazia have planned for 2014? Read on and learn - and let us know yours.


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