Robert Pattinson For Dior Homme Fragrance: See The Droolsome Images Causing Hysteria

21 August 2013 by

So we've long known that Robert Pattinson is the new Mr Dior, with the news that he's been snapped up by the French fashion house to front the Homme fragrance campaign being confirmed in June. But today Grazia HQ has an extra special treat: the full press pack. Ladies, rejoice! As you can imagine, it's caused many an excited squeal throughout the office and this morning has been spent pouring over the many, many images (another tough day in the office). Of course, it'd be selfish to keep it all to ourselves, which is why we're bringing you every morsel right here. So listen up because here's the latest details we've learned about #DiorRob...

1. The Dior man is entering a new era

Mr Dior has been around for yonks, but today he's evolved into a 'vivid and potent' man who invents a new way of being 'male'. What does this mean? According to the press pack, he 'wants to walk the wire' as the 'prince of all cities', like a hero from the Actor's Studio. Basically, he's pretty darn cool.

2. Robert Pattinson is 'seductive and complex'

We all know Robert is ridiculously beautiful, but Dior go all out describing their new leading man. He has an 'intoxicating magnetic presence' and a 'mystery that sets screen legends apart'. True words! His, err, 'limpid gaze' is also referred to, which sounds slightly less manly. But the house is sure to give credit to Rob's acting career too. He is 'free to assert bold choices in his film roles' and 'embraces new artistic challenges,' they declare, aka: he's not just Mr Twilight, people.

3. The campaign is inspired by rebel actors

The accompanying campaign images are mainly shot in black and white by photographer Romain Gavras. They see Rob pouting a-top buildings and on bridges as well as posing in a bath while wearing a sharp suit and white shirt. They are 'new, wild and free,' says Dior and show the star looking 'adamant and sexy'. They continue, 'He saunters casually, like a conqueror, disarming'. The vibe is inspired by Rob's legendary precursors - Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman - who are rebels with 'the heady thrill of freedom, a touch of humour and a tempo running wild.' *drools*

Robert Pattinson Dior Homme Fragrance

4. The fragrance is sure to seduce

As for the scent itself, Dior assure us it's 'timeless and unchanged' with virile floral notes that are nothing short of seductive, mixed with hints of leather and wood, amber and spices. Still no news on whether it can make our man look like R-Pattz.

5. The bottle is a 'lifelong companion'

We're loving this new design of the bottle - clean, pure and with masculine lines. The timeless, rigorous block is surrounded by the amber-coloured jus or, as Dior puts it, 'a golden tone shining like an invitiation, a call to senusality. Inside, the black tube marks a territory of contrasts.' We're sold.

Oh, and there's a video too...


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Emma Jacobi (Wed Aug 21 13:51:58 BST 2013): He's an idiot! He said actors who do fragrance campaigns are sellouts doing it for money a couple of years ago and here he is... Does he even shower? There was rumours of him smelling foul a while back and he admitted to not showering. Maybe this will make him easier to be around!
Claire Gerrey (Wed Aug 21 14:24:47 BST 2013): He looks beautiful in the shots and I think he's the perfect man to represent a new era for Dior Homme. So excited by this campaign.
Mari Tan (Wed Aug 21 14:42:47 BST 2013): Where's the common sense. Sound like reading and believing the tabloid, till you meet the guy. Lots of pictures of him he smell wonderful.
Rossana Miguel (Wed Aug 21 15:10:41 BST 2013): Free spirit, bold, mysterious, strong, sensitive, daring, passionate, rebel, uniquely handsomel... Dior Man... Robert Pattinson.
Judy Swartz (Wed Aug 21 15:43:09 BST 2013): Get up to speed. Those rumors were around back in 2008 when he first came upon the scene . There hasn't been a hint of that in years. He's not selling hot dogs or plugging fast food here- Dior is a top flight brand and tell me what young guy hasn't had a change of mind in three years? More power to him and he brings an elegance to product.
Cynthia Smith Yuen (Wed Aug 21 15:52:49 BST 2013): Pretty good article. Need to get rid of that awful name tag in #4. He totally hates it.
Marlena Creighton Hartkorn (Wed Aug 21 23:37:08 BST 2013): Rob said that during the first Twilight movie....people mature and change their minds....I've changed my mind on lots of things...And everyone who comes in contact with Rob says he smells's just stupid media talk to garner business...the same thing was also said about Brad Pitt....don't believe the rag mags, their there to invent stories for people to buy.
Dixie Jewel (Thu Aug 22 05:47:18 BST 2013): This is a stunningly beautiful ad campaign and a stunningly beautiful man that Dior has chosen to represent them! From age 21 to 27 many people grow and change their minds about a lot of things. Good Choice Rob! Her is to 3 wonderful years as the face of Dior Homme!