Want To Do A Victoria Beckham? Here Are The Ultimate Treadmill Workouts

13 March 2014 by


Last month, Victoria Beckham revealed that she keeps fit with daily 4-mile runs. However, what VB didn’t admit was that she did so whilst wearing huge heels and running a business. This is what we call some serious multi-tasking! The 39-year-old put our desk routines to shame when she tweeted this picture yesterday afternoon, saying “Every office should have one of these, work out and work at the same time!! Genius!!”

Whilst us beauty ladies wouldn’t advocate running in your heels, the treadmill is one of the best machines in the gym to burn some serious fat and to get lean and strong- if used correctly. So, are you stuck in a treadmill rut? Do you dread the tread? Get ready to mix things up ladies and read on for our top treadmill workout tips, straight from the mouths of some of London’s hottest fitness experts. Read on and learn girls, read on and learn… whilst running, of course.

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The Top 6 Tips For Your Best-Ever Treadmill Workout

1. Go bare-foot

Yes, really. As SBC founder Russell Bateman explains, “There is some good evidence that running bare foot- like a lot of African distance runners do- can have good benefits and it’s certainly more natural than a pair of Louboutins! The human foot is pretty amazing, and sticking it inside a restrictive shoe obscures that fact.”

2. Sprints are key

Whether you call it interval training, HIIT or sprints, the key to maximising your treadmill workout lies in working with your run and rest times. Bateman recommends upping the incline and running hard for 40 seconds, then taking it back down and resting for a minute: “Set your favourite dance track on repeat and coordinate with the kick drum.”

3. Run at a 1% gradient

Geoff Bagshaw, fitness expert from super-luxe Equinox explained that by increasing the gradient on the treadmill to 1% you are naturally simulating running outdoors, where you don’t have the support of the machine to help you and where you might often encounter wind resistance. 

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4. Work on your stride

Bagshaw also told us that working on your natural stride and optimal upper body form really helps move and work your entire body to its absolute potential. It might sound obvious, but avoid holding onto the handrails or the treadmill console when walking or running. Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle and relax your shoulders and hands with your arm swing.

5. Avoid cortisol build-up

As Equinox pro Carl Martin explains, "After consistent long, steady durations of cardiovascular work (eg, running for an hour at a steady speed on the treadmill) our bodies naturally build up cortisol, the stress hormone, which can cause your body to store fat, especially around the midsection. By swapping some longer runs for shorter, more intense sessions, not only is your metabolic burn greater, but you can reduce the build-up and effect of this hormone." Get sprinting!

6. Don’t get bored

Take note of the Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC) mantra and remember that boredom is the enemy. To quote Bateman himself, "Spending an hour jogging at a slow pace if your goal is fat loss is like going to the Tate and staring at the cloakroom for an hour. Run fast, breathe deeply. Go!”



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