Super Derms At Your Service! Hollywood’s Hottest Dermatologists Reveal The Secrets To An A-List Complexion

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You need: Dr Colbert

Clients: A myriad of supermodels including Rosie Huntington Whitely, Candice Swanepoel and Heidi Klum.

Special Skills: Sought after for his Triad Facial, a 3-step combination of dermabrasion, toning and light acid peeling that gives skin a dewy glow, he’s also an advocate of PRP (aka The Vampire Facial), in which the patient’s blood is spun to release youth-boosting platelets that are re-injected into the skin to plump and refresh.

What’s the drill? The Colbert MD line is designed to work with the skin’s own biorhythms- his secret is to apply Illumino Face Oil, £100, before your face cream.

Top anti-ageing tip: “Don’t aim for wrinkle-free skin- looking fresh is what it’s all about now. My anti-ageing philosophy is a holistic one: eat well, exercise and stay out of the sun. As for procedures: avoid going heavy on filler and opt for lasers combined with simple skincare that elegantly shaves off the years.”

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You need: Dr Dennis Gross

Clients: Olivia Palermo told Grazia personally that she only trusts him with her flawless complexion…

Special Skills: Known for the most natural-looking Botox shots in Manhattan, he has his own lightly-does-it-technique. His gentle Alpha Beta peeling treatments and VBeam laser come with a waiting list.

What’s the drill?  Dr Gross is big on daily chemical peels and says, “Women underestimate the importance of a daily peel- it helps promote cellular turnover for fresh, youthful skin.” Morning or night, use Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, £67.

Top anti-ageing tip: “Anti-ageing in your 20s with an eye cream as prevention is key. And always wear SPF, regardless of the weather.”

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You need: Nurse Jamie

Clients: LA’s hip crowd, including Nicole Richie, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kirsten Dunst

Special Skills: Known for her injectable facelifts using ‘baby drop fillers’, her softly, softly approach is a winner with younger celebrities looking for a preventative anti-ageing regime.

What’s the drill? Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Stamp, £38, a new take on the micro-needling roller, is perfect for resurfacing fine lines around the mouth. Unlike roller devices that can drag and pull the skin, The Beauty Stamp is designed to be gently pressed into your skin, creating tiny impressions that resurface and keep fine lines at bay. Her ACELLerator Ultra, £175 will also lift facial muscles- use twice a week for the best results.

Top anti-ageing tip: “Train yourself to sleep on your back. Your head is the weight of a bowling ball, so when you sleep on your side, nose-to-mouth lines worsen and the facial muscles flatten and sag. Patients always need more work done on the side of the face they sleep on.”

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You need: Dr Lancer

Clients: Beyoncé, Kim K, Simon Cowell and Victoria Beckham have all been seen coming out of his Beverly Hills practice.

Special Skills: Dr Lancer doesn’t believe in looking ‘done’- a master at the latest laser and radio-frequency techniques, stars flock to his clinic for his texture-perfecting skills.

What’s the drill? Instead of cleanse, tone, moisturise, Dr Lancer’s mantra is polish, cleanse, nourish. “When you exfoliate first, it prepares the skin to better absorb the anti-ageing ingredients, as well as boosting oxygen flow, which helps stimulate more collagen and elastin. It’s like a turbo-boost for a car engine!”

Top anti-ageing tip: Dr Lancer says diet is key to great skin. The secret is in controlling insulin levels. “Insulin is the master hormone- if you can reduce insulin levels by eating less sugar, your skin will become naturally radiant.”

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You need: Dr Nick Lowe

Clients: Tom Ford and Elle Macpherson to name a few.

Special Skills: A regular jet-setter between London and the US, Dr Lowe has become sought after for his combination treatments of baby Botox, radio frequency and laser in small doses.

What’s the drill? Those with spots or sun-induced pigmentation will love his extensive range of targeted products- his day cream is one of the few to offer UVA/UVB protection that is as effective as a separate sunscreen. Dr Lowe recommends using a night cream every other night to avoid irritation and to exfoliate once a week.

Top anti-ageing tip: “Don’t forget about your neck. It is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. Applying a neck cream twice a day is one of the best kept secrets of women who look great for their age.”

Celebrities tweet about them and supermodels are Instagrammed hanging out with them… we’re talking Hollywood’s Super Derms- an elite crop of dermatologists who tend to the A-list’s every skin whim. Because, believe it or not, Hollywood stars are actually just like us- prone to flaky skin, dry lines and breakouts- even our fave A-listers need some skin SOS from time to time.

Dr Lancer and Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Only this morning did Kim Kardashian post a picture to Instagram of her hanging out with A-list derm to the stars Dr Lancer. With an office next to Hermès on Rodeo Drive and a VIP waiting room for clients like Kimmy K and VB, Dr Lancer sure knows a thing or two about looking good.

Click through the gallery above and check out the A list dermatologists you need to know about- you can thank us later…


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