Get Ready To Boost Your Gym Session With Our Pick Of The Best-Ever Workout Playlists

06 November 2013 by

We wonder what's on Miranda Kerr's playlist? (@mirandakerr)

If, like us, you simply couldn’t get through an early-morning gym session without Beyonce’s bouncing beats blasting in your eardrums then you’ll be pretty chuffed to hear the latest beauty headlines. Believe it or not, fellow gym buddies, but the latest research shows that listening to your fave tunes adds a whopping 19 minutes to the average workout. Impressive stuff, right?

A new study has shown that a typical gym or jogging session accompanied to music will last 58 minutes, compared with just 39 minutes when done in silence. The research, carried out by sportswear firm Sweatband, questioned 1,600 British adults who frequently workout and reported that 6 out of 10 people listen to music during their session, with 35% claiming it ‘distracted from the pain and intensity’ and around 25% of respondents saying that music helped them to increase the intensity of their workout (cue lifting heavier weights, increased reps, a higher treadmill speed- you get the idea). What’s more, that extra 19 minutes could equate to an extra 200-calorie burn and not to mention some serious toning time. It’s time to grab the Ipod, girls.

Choose the right tunes and you could get as flexible as Gisele (@giseleofficial)

Alas, it’s not as simple as tuning in to any old tracks- the wrong type of music can not only kick your mood but if the beat is too fast then this could lead to injury which is certainly less than ideal in the run-up to the Christmas party season. Our advice? Update your Ipod with 4 or 5 different playlists that you can switch between according to your mood and what you want to achieve in any given gym session. For example, songs with a fast, consistent beat like Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris are guaranteed to help you stick to a rhythm (great for treadmill fanatics) whilst tunes like Stronger by Kanye West are great for working on your endurance (cue Brighton/London marathon trainers). And when it comes to winding things down, a warm-down playlist is equally as important- see this playlist as your post-workout treat.

Ready to up the ante with your workout? Check out our pick of the best playlists to download now and get ready for the burn!   

Get ready to really stretch things out a la Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli)

1. Barry’s Bootcamp Beat, available from Spotify: If you’re still reading, we’ll assume you know about Barry’s Bootcamp, one of the hottest US fitness exports to land on our shores for a while. There’s a whole host of playlists available to download via their Spotify account and you can even subscribe to their bi-monthly updates.

2. Tracy Anderson Playlists, available from her website: If it’s good enough for Gwynnie, it’s good enough for us.

3. Equinox Playlists, available from ITunes: Each and every one of Equinox’s playlists has been expertly edited by their fitness experts for maximum workout efficiency. We’re currently loving the ‘Falling Up’ playlist, jam-packed with tunes to help you beat the winter blues when working out after work (and in the dark).

4. Soul Cycle by Arielle Jones: You heard it here first girls, Soul Cycle is the hottest spinning hub taking the US by storm and is rumoured to be coming over to the UK sometime next year. Get in the mood with their pick of the hottest tunes right here. Perfect for ladies who love to spin.

5. This website is genius- simply type in your running speed (km/h) and a whole host of songs will be available to download specifically tailored for your workout. We love!

6. Spotify: When all else fails, classic social-music sharing app Spotify has a never-ending host of incredible workout playlists. Something for everyone guaranteed...


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