EXCLUSIVE: Women Spend A Whopping £2.3 Billion A Year Perfecting Their Brows- How Much Would You Spend?

13 February 2014 by

Cara Delevingne (Getty Images)

Now, we never thought we’d see the day, but it seems as if facial hair has officially taken the beauty world by storm over the past 12 months. And, when I say facial hair, I mean brows- big, bushy, Cara-esque facial friends that would impress even the likes of Audrey Hepburn. In fact, last year, Google reported that searches for “Cara Delevingne” (queen of the power brow didn’t you know) and her brows had increased to dizzying heights, while searches for “tweezers” and “eyebrow plucking” plummeted dramatically. Who would’ve thought? What’s more, a recent survey carried out exclusively for Grazia Daily by QVC revealed that 1 in 7 women in the UK would be willing to spend £200 to get the perfect brow line. Call us crazy, but that is some seriously high-brow obsession…

Lily Collins and Keira Knightley embrace the bold brow (Rex Images)

What’s more, the survey also revealed that as a nation, women spend £2.3 billion a year perfecting their brows- almost a fifth of British women are now spending over £10 a month to maintain their brows, with 2.2 million women spending a whopping £240 every year. Plus, it seems that 30% of women shape their eyebrows every day, with almost a fifth of women refusing to even leave the house without showing their brow line some serious TLC. In fact, 1 in 8 women spend upwards of 30 minutes perfecting their brows every day, amounting to over 1 whole day (26 hours) per year in front of the mirror.

So, why are we showing our brows so much love? Yes, Cara’s facial friends are pretty spectacular, and there’s no denying their face-framing properties and ability to perk up even the most stressed-out and tired of complexions, but it also seems as if brows can play a huge role in boosting Brits’ confidence levels, with over a half of women revealing they feel a drop in self-esteem if they didn’t make-up their brows. Plus, 62% of women admit that they’d touch up their brows before a date, whilst over half of women wouldn’t dream of attending a job interview without perfecting their brows. Interestingly, we also subconsciously judge the brows of our fellow females, with British women associating the ubiquitous “Power Brow” with a woman who is more self-assured (49%), successful (11%) and wealthy (11%).

Rodarte SS14 (Jason Lloyd Evans)

So, how much would you invest in your brows? With the bold brow trend showing no signs of slowing down this season, we reckon it’s time to start investing ladies. Any excuse to make like Cara, we say...

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