Don't Let Festival Season Ruin Your Nails! MAC Nail Pro Marian Newman's Top Tips...

17 July 2014 by

You might have heard that M.A.C are relaunching their nail polish. They've changed all the formulas for a better one-coat finish and have even teamed up with nail pro Marian Newman on a permanent and a limited nail paint collection. 

Her permanent collection is called Nail Transformations and is available to buy NOW. It's a range of six polishes (that can be worn as a top coat or on their own) that change the colour and texture of whatever nail varnish you have underneath. There's navy toned 'Shade' which deepens the colour, 'Highlight' which lightens it and 'Texturise' which gives is a subtle texture. Plus there are 3 pearl pigments in pink, green and gold shimmer which add a veil of colour over polish .

'Everybody who was nail polish is going to have a load of colours at home that maybe they've got bored with or everyone else has,' says Marian. 'So you can still use your favourite colours and now you can do this and create something completely unique.' 

We sat down with Marian to chat about the new collection - and how to keep your nails in good condition over festival season.

Grazia Daily: How did the collaboration with M.A.C come about?

Marian: On every shoot I've ever been on with M.A.C's creative director James Gager, he's come and watched as I mix pigments, like  'Marian, what are you doing?' He never used to pay any attention to nails, but then he realised how much could be done and that's how this happened

Grazia Daily: How did the Transformations go down at Fashion Week? 

Marian: They worked well for the designers who wanted a nude nail. They'd look like nothing, but then would have this flash of colour when they caught the light. I used blue at Mary Kantrantzou and green at Peter Pilotto.

Grazia Daily: Do you think they'd make a good finishing touch for a festival nail?

Marian: With nails you have to make it your own - whatever that might be. And that's the inspiration for this range - you can do exactly what you want. If you're a grungy girl get grunge. But if you're a girly girl go for flower-power immaculate nails.

Grazia Daily: How can you make your nail varnish last for an entire festival?

Marian: With traditional nail polish opt for squeaky clean nails (literally immediately before you paint the nails you wipe them over with acetone, not nail polish remover). Use a base coat, put the layers on as thin as possible and use a top coat. And preferably apply the top coat every two days. But if you've got peeling, dodgy, ridgy nails, it's not going to make a difference.

Grazia Daily: How can you protect your nails when you're at a festival?

Marian: Don't have them too long, you're going to be putting tents up, opening bottles and falling over. Keep them polished. Polish is a real protection. There's nothing wrong with keeping them polished all the time. It's more to do with the amount of times you take it off.

Take a hand cream or a nail oil and actually use it. Your nails might not be improved when you return home but they won't be worse. Everybody else would think you can't have had a good time.

Grazia Daily: Any hints about the limited edition collection A Novel Romance coming in the Autumn?

Marian: All off-colours, all creams and an enormous depth of colour. I've taken usually colours and noired them (put black in them). They're all based on the night sky when the sun sets and it turns lots of different colours. 

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