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Ella Catliff, Blogger, La Petite Anglaise

[a href=",default,pd.html" target="_blank">bareMinerals Concealer[/a], £19

'Christmas party season can easily leave you looking (not to mention feeling) deathly. My top tip for mornings after the night before is a thick, really moisture rich face cream - L'Occitane do some great ones - slathered on post shower. Once that's soaked in I then cover up blemishes, eye bags and even out my skin tone with bareMinerals bisque concealer and powder foundation. My ultimate top tip for looking like you've had eight hours sleep when you've really had four is white eye pencil applied to the lower rims, works wonders.'

Liz Hambleton, Grazia Beauty Director

[a href="" target="_blank">Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm[/a], £1.65

'My favourite party trick is to add a dab of lip balm to my eye lids and cheekbones. It peps up a tried face and brings new life to day old make-up.'

Sarah Kugelman, Founder of Skyn Iceland

[a href="" target="_blank">Skyn Hangover Kit[/a], £17.50

'During the holidays when partying is in full swing and the weather is treacherous, I start my immune boosting, hangover prevention program! It includes the following: A trip to the chiropractor/nutritionist who prescribes immune boosting supplements usually with zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, CoQ10, DHEA and Vitamin C. I drink tons of water and get a lot of sleep, even if I have a hectic week and am out late, I'll make up for it the next night to catch-up. I keep Kusmi's Detox tea in my office, for days I'm feeling really lousy, a vitamin B12 sublingual spray (from David Kirsch) and Chia shots that I add to everything. On the nights when I go out, I drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage and take an Advil and 2 Omega 3 capsules before going to bed. In the morning I have eggs (I recently learned that they have an ingredient that helps replenish the body when hungover) and of course, use my skyn ICELND Skin Hangover Kit. The kit has a cooling face spray, moisture replenishing lotion, firming eye gels and an eye pen to de-puff and revive tired eyes.'

Claire Vero, Founder, Aurelia Skincare

[a href="" target="_blank">Cell Revitalise Rose Mask[/a], £65

'No matter how well we look after our skin, there are some days when you wish you could give it a quick overhaul, and bring your natural radiance back to life. Masks are a perfect way for your skin to recover from big nights out, manic days shopping or to give you some added confidence before an evening occasion. The Cell Revitalise Rose Mask includes the purest Damask rose water and essential oil which offers the most delicate and exquisite blend to aid relaxation and Kukui oil for expert hydration. The mask should be applied liberally 2-3 times a week on to freshly cleansed dry skin. Taking time out to really treat your skin will go a long way towards regaining that glow that can be so elusive during party season.'

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make Up Artist and Trend Expert, Benefit

[a href="" target="_blank">Benefit Watts Up[/a], £24.50

'To take your make-up look from day to night in an instant, I recommend keeping a highlighter and a mirror handy in your handbag or at your desk. Once you’ve touched-up your existing make-up, simply dab and blend a little highlighter on your cheek bones, brow bones and a touch down the centre of your nose, basically high light the high points of your face for a gorgeous party glow all through the night. Pick either a pink, gold or champagne highlighter, depending on what suits your skin tone or the one that gives the look you require.'

Tor Cardona, Grazia Beauty and Web Coordinator

[a href="" target="_blank">Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask[/a], £39.90

'It's a total godsend for hungover skin. It brightens, lightens and tightens lacklustre skin within a matter of minutes- you can even use it in the shower if you’re really pushed for time. This really does work miracles and the clever foaming formula washes off super-easily to reveal seriously glowing skin. Addictive!'

Leighton Denny

[a href="" target="_blank">Leighton Denny[/a]

'To create that impeccable professional finish, I recommend two coats of polish. Make sure your first coat is applied as thinly as possible and allowed to fully dry before applying the second coat. Seal in your colour with my new & improved Crystal Finish top coat which dries even faster and lasts even longer.'

Sian Porter, Nutritionist, Aduna

[a href="" target="_blank">Baobab Powder[/a], £23.39

'We’re used to hearing a lot of hype about so-called superfoods but no one food is going to make us healthy. It’s better to go for a ‘super diet’ with a variety of nutrient-dense foods like fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, low fat dairy, beans, seeds and nuts, fish and poultry that are low in added sugars, salt and saturated fat but nutrient rich compared to their energy (calorie) content. Baobab is an excellent example of a nutrient-dense, low energy food - a fruit that is high in fibre (almost fifty percent fibre) a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamin and a source of vitamin B6 – a real super food.'

Kylie Martin, Blogger, Memoir Mode

[a href="" target="_blank">Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Facial Oil[/a], £17.50

'The Sanctuary Spa therapist's secret facial oil is a new found favourite of mine. With the cold weather and all the parties it is keeping my very dry skin hydrated. I smooth a few drops over my skin in the morning and before I go to bed.  It is quite light compared to other oils and soaks straight into your skin rather than leaving that greasy coating.'

Jules, Celebrity Tanning Ambassador, St Tropez

[a href="" target="_blank">St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Lotion[/a], £6.67

'St. Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Lotion, RRP £10 is great for last minute touch ups that last. Simply apply the product onto your legs in lengthways motions and blend using an applicator mitt. Now that your legs are golden and glowing, you can add definition by sculpting key areas. Using a bronzer  stand in front of a mirror and shade the natural indent from your thigh and calf muscles (standing on your tip toes will help you see where the muscle forms on your calf). This shadowing effect gives the illusion of a more toned leg.'

Ian Carmichael, Senior Top Stylist, Trevor Sorbie

[a href="" target="_blank">Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo[/a], £9.25

'Place heated rollers in the hair for 10 minutes, mainly concentrating on the crown and the sides of your hair. Once the hair has cooled, remove the rollers. Spritz Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo and Trevor Sorbie Natural Hold Hairspray on the hair to create a good texture to work with (and banish any greasy roots if you haven’t had time to wash the hair), and then back comb your hair through using a tease comb. If you want to turn this into an easy up-do for the Christmas party, pull your hair back, as though you are creating a ponytail, however twist and grip the hair instead. Brush out a few pieces of desired hair with a small inch width for some loose, soft strands around your face.'

Now party season is in full swing, chances are your diary's more jam-packed than Oxford Street on a Saturday and you're already exhausted. How can you possibly go from desk to dance floor? Or fool everyone into thinking you've had eight hours sleep when it was more like eight minutes? Never fear, with tips from experts, the Grazia beauty team and some hand-picked bloggers, you'll be the belle of the ball every night...

- By Daniela Morosini of Couture and Crumpets


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