Beauty SOS: How To Fake Tan At Home

10 July 2013

In an ideal world, we'd all be jetting to over to the South of France to top up our tans. In reality, (this week aside) we're lucky to get any Vitamin D as grey clouds loom over the UK and we all refresh our Twitter feeds with the curtains firmly closed. Not to worry - we've asked a team of tanning experts, bloggers and our own beauty team how you can fake your way to that elusive, golden "have-you-been-somewhere-nice" glow.

Don't worry - your secret's safe with us...

- By Daniela Morosini of Couture and Crumpets

Beauty SOS: How To Fake Tan At Home

Lauren Murdoch-Smith, Grazia Beauty Editor

"If I’ve run out of time to get a spray tan, then I always have a swat DIY tanning kit waiting at home in the wings. Most importantly is my tanning mitt. I use a mousse formula tan like [a href="" target="_blank">St Tropez’s Classic Tanning Mousse[/a], £20.43 and spread all over using the mitt (apply the mousse directly to the mitt), the beauty of using a mitt is you don’t need to worry about streaks and it acts as a clever tool to ensure your tan is even, without having to worry. Just make sure you dab your wrists, feet and ankles for excess tan to make sure the tan looks natural and leave on overnight, showering off the next day, leaving you with a subtle glow. I then top up with a gradual tan like [a href="" target="_blank">Crème De La Mer’s  The Face and Body Gradual Tan[/a], £65 to give the tan longevity."

Shelley Martin, He-Shi Co-Founder

"Regardless of your skin tone or tanning skills, you can self-tan! It’s all about controlling the depth of colour you require. I recommend using a tanning product with a colour guide (an instant tint which allows you to see where you’ve been). First apply a sheer initial application, look at the colour of your skin after the first layer of product and double-check for any missed areas. For tricky areas such as hands and feet use the residue on the tanning mitt as opposed to a fresh application – these areas tends to be drier than elsewhere on the body. If you want a deeper tan; simply apply additional layers until you reach the intensity you are comfortable with. As you get more confident try experimenting with layering, this process can allows you to contour and sculpt body parts for a slimming effect, while highlighting areas to emphasise, elongate and promote – it gives a very natural looking tan. I recommend He-Shi’s hero product - the award winning, [a href="" target="_blank">Express Liquid Tan 150ml[/a] (RRP £20).  It’s quick drying due to its incredibly light, luxurious texture and easy to apply using the He-Shi Tanning Mitt for a streak-free finish. The unique ‘Youth Revivé Opti Tan’ formula in every He-Shi tanning product contains Moisture Lock ingredients such as Glycerine, Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera also, improving hydration and condition of the skin while helping to fight the signs of ageing."

[a href="" target="_blank">He-Shi[/a]

Kate Johnson, gh0stparties

"I always use a separate tanner for my face, usually the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanner as it works like a primer to smooth over pores and improve texture, but also gives the face a lovely subtle, radiant tan. The caramel shade means skin is instantly perked up, too"

[a href="" target="_blank">gh0stparties[/a]

Julie Barham, LDNSkins Tanning Expert

"When applying a professional tan I always spray my client in a downwards motion starting at the torso and finishing at the feet. I apply two to three fine layers of the LDN:SKIN self tan as this meticulous approach naturally mimics the way the sun hits the skin- gradually and from above. To ensure an even tan (professionally and when applied at home) it is imperative to apply the LDN:SKINS moisturiser to the hands, wrists (front and back), elbows, knees and ankles. This acts a barrier and prevents any tan build up in the joints. The joy of self tan is the ability to contour and extenuate your favourite features. For example a pear shaped figure can be balanced by applying an additional layer of self tan to your derriere and upper legs for natural shadowing and a cleavage can maximised with the illusion of depth. The maintain your optimum tan the key is ‘moisturising’ – healthy, tanned skin needs moisturising every day, twice if you suffer from dry skin. You must protect your tan like you would your skin, by using high SPF’s and natural beauty products. Harsh, astringent,, alcohol based products will strip the tan and moisture from the skin. Exfoliate: Ironically this will encourage your tan to fade naturally and have your prepped in the best way for your next treatment."

[a href="" target="_blank">LDN:Skins[/a]

Rose Beer, Grazia Beauty Writer

"My favourite fake tanning trick is to mix a small blob off facial tanner like [a href="" target="_blank">Lancôme Flash Bronzer Face Gel[/a], £23 or [a href="" target="_blank">St Tropez Sensitive Bronzing Lotion for Face[/a], £22 with my night cream for a subtle glow when I wake up."

Charissa Rae,

"I'd have to say my favourite fake tan product has to be [a href="" target="_blank">Xen-Tan's Moroccan Tan[/a]. This is because from the first application the difference is amazing and instead of the usual orange tone fake tans sometimes give you, Xen-Tan's is a total natural bronzed look. Additionally what keeps me repurchasing this product is that it is long lasting, only applying once a week to keep up my tan. It fades evenly and it doesn't give the biscuity scent to you that fake tans can normally result in. Perfect for summer, I completely recommend."

Natalie Roche, Xen-Tan's UK Managing Director adds “The most common mistake people make with self-tanning is not prepping the skin properly. It is just as important to have the right products to prepare your skin with as it is to have the right self-tan product for your skin tone.  Skin must be exfoliated and hydrated to achieve an even and flawless colour using oil-free products, as oil-based products can break up your colour. Exfoliating and moisturising will also help to prolong your tan for up to 7 days if you are using Xen-Tan products.”

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