Aqua Spinning: The UK’s First Ever Underwater Spinning Studio Opens Next Week!

07 June 2013 by

If you’ve had the chance to catch up with the latest issue of Grazia, you may have noticed a certain health and beauty feature dedicated to the latest fitness crazes taking the world by storm. No longer satisfied by a jog round the park or 20 minutes on the bike at the gym (keep kidding yourself that constitutes a workout, ladies!), it seems the time has come to seriously up our game in the workout department…

Since the launch of aqua spinning in New York in April, similar classes have been popping up not only all over the Big Apple, but in other parts of Europe, too, and as of next week, the UK’s first ever Hydrofit centre will be opening on the Fulham Road. Hydrofit will offer aqua spinning and aqua jogging in individual or duo cabins, guaranteeing one heck of a hardcore-hydro workout. If the thought of a group aqua spinning class makes you quake in your jelly shoes (compulsory ‘aqua’ workout wear, FYI) then Hydrofit’s discreet workout experience will certainly appeal to you. The machines will be in individual or duo luxury cabins, bikes and treadmills immersed in a special hydro-massage bathtub with water jets pumping out a powerful dose of Ozone.

Spinning in the tub- not exactly your standard bathing experience...

What’s more, each cabin is equipped with a flat screen TV as well as a Bluetooth headset if you need to take calls during your session.

While it’s by no means easy to pedal through water (resistance is up to 12 times stronger in water than in air), proponents of the Hydro-craze insist the low impact workout is ideal for those with injuries, or those looking to improve cardiovascular endurance without the stress on joints. Above all, a 30 minute workout guarantees a minimum 300 calorie burn and the hydro-action stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system, giving weary metabolisms a real boost and tackles stubborn cellulite.        

Ready to give it a spin? Check out Hydrofit for more information.


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Lionel Botbol (Fri Jun 07 18:13:34 BST 2013): Hydrofit is in Grazia... The Aqua Biking craze is starting in London on June 17 in Fulham!
Laura Lea Scuotto (Fri Jun 07 19:39:11 BST 2013): Hydrofit is in Grazia....The AQUA BIKING is coming in London ON JUNE IN CHELSEA.
Hydrofit UK (Fri Jun 07 19:44:59 BST 2013): Hydrofit is in Grazia...The Aqua Biking craze is starting in London on June 17 in Fulham.
Paul Howell (Sat Jun 08 23:09:58 BST 2013): REAAAAALLLY???? As if there aren't enough bullshit gimmicks around, this just takes the biscuit...
Suhela Dighe (Sat Jun 08 23:22:08 BST 2013): Hahaha!! Silly..
Delphine Botbol (Mon Jun 10 19:00:16 BST 2013): Have you tried? 51 studios in France, people crazy about it.
Davide Canè (Tue Jun 11 08:07:06 BST 2013): In the first picture there is an HYDRORIDER aquatic bike, and Hydrorider is in the USA since year 2000! ah ah now everybody claims to be the first, this is funny!
Davide Canè (Tue Jun 11 08:10:30 BST 2013): this is the real one!
HYDRORIDER (Tue Jun 11 08:15:27 BST 2013): check this out!
HYDRORIDER (Tue Jun 11 08:17:07 BST 2013):
Vicky Ann Cooper (Thu Jun 13 23:21:31 BST 2013): How much does it cost?
Paul Howell (Sun Jun 16 02:38:42 BST 2013): Don't need to try's ridiculous, I've seen it at fitness conventions and laughed there too. It's utterly ridiculous...why bother putting it in water makes no sense to me when we have spinning...they tried to sell it on the non impact angle, I said cycling is only an impact sport if you fall off!!! It's a joke!
Eloïse Cohen (Tue Jun 18 19:02:14 BST 2013): who is ridiculous ? the one that criticizes without trying and posts a superman picture of himself or those trying to bring smart innovation to your doors... I have tried, it is simply fabulous and it actually works. Keep running, they don't need you anyway !
Josh Bjornstad (Mon Aug 05 02:59:33 BST 2013): Fun I am sure- but I am not buying it either Paul. It's for the swimmer that can't get enough water or the triathlete cyclist that doesn't swim enough.
Paul Howell (Mon Aug 05 03:09:46 BST 2013): I've been in the fitness industry for so many years now and seen gimmicks come and go. When you know what a gimmick is and what it looks like, I don't need to waste my time. Eloise, why do you make it a personal attack on me? Come to a spin class with me as your instructor, 300 calories in 30 minutes...and what? That's the same as a spin class in a normal workout...seems you need a lesson in calorie consumption rules and body weight limitations of calories burned in a minute. Whatever you say, I'll be sticking to my classes. If you want a harder spin class just turn up the dial. If you want it 10 x tougher then just make it 10 x tougher! Most people don't work that hard anyway so why do you think they'll work harder just cos the machine is fancier and dipped in water!! Clearly you spend too much time in the water and the bubbles have gone to your head!!!!!
Delphine Botbol (Mon Jan 20 18:20:26 GMT 2014): People with injuries, stroke, cancer, oedema wrote a super positive note on effects provide by hydrofit.We are medical team here, i suggest you to think before writing....