Would You Match Your Lipstick To Your Shoes Like Amanda Seyfried & Liv Tyler?

13 December 2012 by

Would You Match Your Lipstick To Your Shoes Like Amanda Seyfried

Liv Tyler & Amanda Seyfried

There's a bit of a beauty debate going down in Grazia Towers today and it involves the two beauties above. You see, both Liv Tyler and Amanda Seyfried have been spotted in recent weeks matching their lipstick to their shoes, suggesting this is one look that's about to become a hot A-list trend. We're all for matching your lips to your tips, but it seems not everyone is. Is it a maverick move or too matchy-matchy? In the midst of this heated discussion, we've opened up our debating panel...

Matching Mavericks

We do love to co-ordinate our beauty to our clothing - one member of Grazia Team Beauty has recently gone for the Nails Inc. Leather Effect mani to match her new Alexander Wang purchase. It's polished, neat and looks kinda cool too. If you take Liv's look for example, the two bright pops of colour are her lips and feet against a simple black outfit and it actually makes a high impact fashion and beauty statement. It's a clever way of making your outfit more interesting and definitely stands out on the red carpet when other members of the glitterati haven't thought about such in-depth co-ordination. Amanda also looks picture-perfect with her dark red wine lip and burgundy Miu Miu shoes and has made a real statement with her outfit which we love. On further thought, we give them both full marks for thinking outside the box and going the extra mile with their complimentary fash-beauty combo. 

Matching Mistakes

Ok, they might look polished and perfect, but isn't it all a bit twee? When you imagine the kind of wardrobes that these two A-listers must have, it seems a bit shameful that the best they can do to jazz up their outfits is match their shoes to their lipstick. It's a bit matchy-matchy and mumsy to say the least - I mean how many bored 1950's housewives matched their patent red stilettos to their Marilyn-esque red lips? It seems a bit contrived and detracts from the cool attitude that these Hollywood gals like to normally give off. I mean, don't the words 'boring', 'yawn' and 'OCD' spring to mind?! Who has time to go and pick out the perfect shade of lippy when getting ready - choosing a blooming outfit is enough of a stress as it is! Maybe they should take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's style book and stick to matching their shoes to their outfits and not their faces - it's generally a better look and won't leave them with an ounce of regret.


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