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Miley Cyrus in her shoot for W magazine

Miley Cyrus is barely recognisable in her shoot for W magazine [Instagram]

Our jaws dropped when we saw Miley Cyrus’s shoot in W magazine – the Wrecking Ball singer looks completely unrecognisable, reminding us more of Lady Gaga than the Miley we’ve come to know and love. But Miss Miley is somewhat a master of reinvention, having  transformed herself from a squeaky clean Disney princess to a twerking, tounge-waggling, wrecking ball riding mischief-maker in the space of a few short years. So it’s no surprise that her latest shoot sees her cast in a new light. While most of us fall back on our tried and tested beauty regime for months if not years, Miley manages to transform herself on a seemingly daily basis. Read on and learn the beauty chameleon’s secrets for mixing it up…

1. Update Your Eyebrows

Usually seen as a hallowed feature not to be tinkered with (save the odd tint here and tweeze there), Miley ditched the rulebook and bleached her eyebrows, to huge face-changing effect. The look may not be for everyone and Miley’s bushy brows were back before long, but there’s no doubt that it mixed things up. 

Two car selfies, one huge transformation (Instagram @mileycyrus)

2. Get Creative With Your ‘Do

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not much you can do with an extreme chop like Miley’s buzz-cut crop. You’d also be wrong. From dual ‘devil horns’ to a gelled-up quiff to spiky ponytails to a brushed-forward fringe, there’s no shortage of options in Miley’s styling repertoire. If that’s what she can do with just a few inches of hair, imagine the possibilities lurking beneath a shoulder-length mop. Time to get experimental.

Miley’s no stranger to mixing up her mane (Instagram @mileycyrus)

3. Embrace Wigs

When she eventually gets bored of concocting elaborate hairstyles from her mini mane, Miley delves into the dressing-up box and embraces the metamorphic power of a wig (or ‘wigzzzz’ as she calls them). An Anna Wintour-esque bob, long flaxen tresses reminiscent of her Hannah Montana days and a purple tribute to Lil Kim are just some of the hairpieces Miley has been horsing around with lately.

Miley channels Anna Wintour and Hannah Montana (Instagram @mileycyrus)

4. Break Free From Your Make-Up Rut

If there’s one weakness in Miley’s chameleon-like powers, it’s her fondness for a slick of signature red lipstick. We all have beauty staples that we fall back on to make us feel ‘normal’: whether it’s a bold lipstick, flicky black eyeliner or a tousled top knot. But observe how fresh Miley looked at the Grammys when she stepped out with a glowing complexion and a dab of pinky nude lipstick. The lesson? Without discarding your beauty faves forever (they’re staples for a reason), switch it up once in a while and watch the compliments come rolling in.

Miley rocking a signature red lip and looking fresh at the Grammys (Instagram @mileycyrus)

5. Use Props

There’s only so much hair and make-up can do, so when it comes to complete face transformation Miley reaches for her ever-growing stash of props. Even her dog looks disturbed by her false (we really hope) horsey teeth, while we assume it’s an app (or witchcraft) that enlarged the pop star’s eyes to doll-like proportions. We’d take that over a ‘#nomakeup #nofilter’ selfie any day.

Miley ups her selfie game with props (Instagram @mileycyrus)

6. …But stick to your signature pose

With all this face-changing trickery going on, it’s a wonder that Miley even recognises her own reflection from one day to the next. Luckily, she clings on to her signature pose so that we can all be sure it is really her. Because as we all know, there is actually only one face of Miley Cyrus….

Miley's signature pose (Instagram @mileycyrus)

Click through the gallery below to see Miley's hair transformation over the years...

By Sarah Royce-Greensill


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