10 Beauty Tips We Learnt At MAC's Trends Talk For Spring Summer 2013

14 December 2012 by

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It might not even be 2013 yet but in the fashion world, we're already thinking about what we'll be wearing/buying/obsessing about next sumer.  As strange as it may sound, the first of the new make-up collections hit counters as early as the end of January so if you're a keen beauty follower, you'll be interested to hear about our findings at the recent MAC cosmetics trend talk that we attending this week and picked up a thing or two courtesy of MAC head of UK artistry Terry Barber.  Proclaiming it 'a season of details', get ready to go back to basics and get a bit technical with your tools.

So what do you need to know to make you 2013 savvy?  Well, here's your definitive guide to being bang on the beauty trends!

1. Wow Brow

Cara Delevingne has the perfect brows for this season, they are face framers and as Cara and Audrey Hepburn before her demonstrate so well, this season's straighter, bolder brows will give you a heart shaped face.  As Terry says 'brows are the new contour'

2. Foundation Nails

Foundation nails AKA nude nails will be the season's most talked about nail trend.  However, the difference from the nude you know is that it's all about matching the shade to your skintone, like you do a foundation to your skin. Her hands should be the same shade right to the tip of your nails.  And toes?  Concealer shades!

3. The Super Tan

The tan is making a comeback this season, but we're not talking fake tan.  This summer, you'll be making friends with your bronzer.  'Bronzer is like Marmite-some women love it, some loathe it' said Terry.  Wholesome and healthy, think Calvin Klein ads in the 90's with a bit of Ali McGraw.  'It's for a sophisticated women who wants to tone her face'!

4. The 'Non' Smokey Eye

Take it in...that's it!  This is as heavy as the smokey eye gets this season ladies!  A bit '90s, this is a raw version of our much loved favourite!

5. Retouched Skin

Retouched, super highlighted skin is summer's must have accessory.  Concentrate on your upper cheek bones, tip of your nose and temples so recreate.  Ditch the traditional illuminating products though, use a moisturiser to add hyper-moisture lights.

6. Feeling Blue

Accents of Blue, particulary on the eyes will make a big appearance come summer.  Versace's eyeliner seen here and Stella's turquoise bottom liner have kicked started a trend bound to be big for next season. 

7. Green With Envy

We learnt that green nails, more on the emerald side than mint, are like having a 'boobjob for your hands because you can't looking at them!  They act just like a stiletto does for your legs, slenderising fingers-genius!

8. Chloe Goes For Colour

The Chloe show was somewhat of a surprise this season, gone was the luxury, nude palatte in favour of a metallic orange hue, in an almost sci-fi shaped eye.  If there's one rule for colour on the eyes this season, it''s all in the shape.  Keep it graphic becuase if you're going to choose colour, you might as well go for it!

9. Colour Block Lips

Keep lips matte and keep them bright next season.  Rules of colour blocking?  The shape has to be beautiful so ensure precision when applying (hint, use a lip liner).  Top tip? Powder the colour to get longevity.

10. Pink Eye

This look might not be for everyday wear, but we seriously loved the pink eyes at Donna Karan. How to wear it for real?  Ditch one of the elements - either the lashes or the liner - and keep the rest of your beauty look simple. Well, if [a href="/beauty/makeup/kirsten-stewarts-red-eye--yay-or-nay">it's good enough for K-Stew...[/a]


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