Meet MAC's New Strength Collection! Body Builder Jelena Abbou Gives Us Her Tips: EXCLUSIVE

13 February 2013 by

There's a new makeup collection that lands today that we have to say we are pretty excited about. It's called Strength and is the hot-off-the-press inspired new collection from MAC which combines a stirring range of elegant and totally wearable makeup. Two eye shadow palettes ccontaining highly pigmented powder formulas with subtle blendable shades, striking matte lip colours from candy pinks to deep plums and also some delicious nude and cool brown varnish shades.

Jelena Abbou in the Strength campaign

As if that wasn't enough, along with the collection comes an empowering campaign that redefines ideals of beauty and femininity in the unlikely yet brilliant new face of body building champion, Jelena Abbou. The Serbian-American beauty is a figure competitor, personal trainer, bodybuilder and now face of MAC, joining the A-list likes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Iris Apfel for their famous faces of past collections. No wallflowers here please, Jelena is sending out a new message that strength equals beauty, which also equals a rather genius make-up collection.

MAC Strength Collection

And more about Jelena you ask? Well we were pretty intrigued too. The life of a body builder must be a somewhat, different sort of path to take in life, so we spoke exclusively to the muscle machine herself to find out just what a typical day involves...

A Day In The Life Of Body Builder Jelena Abbou

7:00am - “ I do my cardio session first. My favourite cardio machine is the stairs because they are hard work and don’t bother my injuries as much. It’s also helpful that I can read while I’m working out.” 

8:30am - "Breakfast: egg whites and either cream of rice or oats...If I’m not dieting for a competition I may add some berries (blueberries and raspberries are my favourites) or peanut butter to my oats.”

10:00am - “When getting ready I love doing my hair and makeup. Today I’m wearing MAC Woodwinked Eye Shadow, False Lashes Mascara and Refined Golden Bronzer. On my face, just a bit of moisturizer with some concealer under my eyes — it’s too hot for foundation.”

1:00pm - "Ugh, I’m late for my next meal; that makes me cranky. That’s the life of a competitor, you always have to carry something to eat and drink with you. So here I am eating my chicken, brown rice and green beans while my girlfriend is munching on a protein bar."

4:00pm - "Time for another meal; I’m having tilapia and string beans again. I eat healthy all year round but I do have to be very strict closer to competition time, so I stick to plain food that’s all measured out."

5:00pm - "Nap time. This is important – I try to get in naps when I can."

6:00pm - "Back to the gym for another cardio session. Today I took the day off from lifting. Usually I don’t have a set schedule with how I split my workouts; I like to go by how I feel. I just make sure that I lift six days a week."

7:00pm - “Tonight, I’m having my cheat meal of the week...when I’m not dieting I allow myself small cheats during the week, whenever I feel like having them. My favourites are chocolate or homemade desserts. I try to keep it all on the healthy side – I love baking when I’m not dieting.”

Felling motivated? You should. Jelena believes that by, “working on what you have, making it your own and being your best, that’s what makes you feel the most feminine. I’m in the best shape of my life, have kept my curves and still feel sexy. That’s definitely worth the 7am workout.”

‘Scuse us, we’re off to the gym.

By Lucy Adcock



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