Kate Middleton's Clever Makeup & Hair Tricks

07 December 2012 by

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As it's all eyes on the DoC this week, we thought we'd raise a toast to her and her clever makeup and hair styles. You see, K-Mid isn't just a pretty face - she uses her hair and choice of makeup to suit the occasion and perhaps even detract from the main event (er, yes, that she's preggo!). We've chosen our favourite Kate moments and are taking note of her easy-to-do tricks...

Kate's pregnant!

After a few days in hospital this week, Kate left looking blooming beautiful. We can see here that she's piled on the foundation to possibly hide any sallow, ill-looking skin. Her ahlf beehive hair-do looks mummy-like and sensible, no doubt in preparation for the oncoming baby.

Kate on the Diamond Jubilee Tour

As she got off the plane on the Diamond Jubilee Tour, the DoC cleverly thought ahead that the runway would be windy and not a hair-friendly place. So of course, she's gone for a neat, low slung bun to prevent any hair disasters and awkward moments.

Kate in Canada

In Canada K-Mid won top marks for wearing a maple leaf brooch but it was her half-up half-down hair that we loved. It's appropriate in that it makes her look grwon-up and princess-like but a full on up-do would have just been way too formal. Her subtle use of rosy-pink blusher is perfect for a daytime function too.

Kate in the Solomon Islands

In the sticky and hot climate of the Solomon Islands Kate faced a bit of a hair battle (don't we all) so she cleverly diverted attention to her face with that immaculate makeup. A touch of cream blusher (which is much better for hot temperatures) and smoky eyeshadow meant that any talk of frizzy, unruly hair was out of the question.

On her wedding day

We couldn't go without mentioning Kate's glorious big day and that picture perfect makeup of hers. She's be a bit daring by going for a thick black liner which often brides don't do but she knows what suits her and obviously wanted to offset the formality of the occasion with her own touches. Flawless skin, contoured cheeks and dark eyes were a winner all-round.

And before the big day

The day before the main event Kate went casual and cool with un-blowdried hair and not too much makeup, keeping things very low key. She's wearing little makeup save for a touch of her trusty black eyeliner and it was a winner with the crowds of fans too. We like that she used this young, girly and fun look to detract from any nerves she had.

Kate at the Olympics

On a boat at the Olympics Kate knew she's be faced with wind and water galore so she went for a neat ponytail - nice work! You can see she's used a heavy dose of bronzer to add colour and contour to her face on what was a very grey and overcast day. As always she's one step ahead in her beauty planning...


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