The Perfect Female Face? Men And Women Select Their Favourite Celebrity Features... With Very Different Results

12 December 2013 by

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but according to the results of a recent survey, there’s a distinct difference in the eyes of men and women when it comes to our ideas of the ‘perfect’ female face.

The beauty survey from cosmetics and body care retailer asked participants to pick and choose their favourite features from a group of female celebrities – all of whom are (as Mean Girls’ Janice Ian would say) ‘regulation hotties’. When the most common preferences from each gender group were pieced together into two ‘ultimate’ celebrity CGI jigsaws, the results were suggestive of quite the difference in taste, and pretty darn creepy too! See for yourselves:

Men And Women Choose The ‘Perfect’ Female Face

The perfect female face picked by men vs the perfect female face picked by women [Escentual]

Apparently, gentlemen really do prefer blondes, with the majority of men said to be into Shakira-style voluminous blonde locks, while women were more impressed by the darker tresses seen on Freida Pinto.

Other male preferences won’t exactly come as a surprise, ranging from Miranda Kerr's tiny button nose and Kate Middleton’s perfectly plucked brows to Angelina Jolie's razor sharp cheekbones and, of course, her famously full lips. The overall result is worthy of Playboy bunny territory.
While they were also keen on the big pouts of female celebs such as Scarlett Johansson, women on the other hand seem to have opted for a more striking, exotic look. Cara Delevingne’s bushy power brows made a familiar appearance, as well, apparently, as a stronger nose and forehead.
With Mila Kunis-style green eyes and a small chin a la Megan Fox being the only agreed-upon beauty ideals, it seems men are indeed living on Mars and women on Venus. But it’s comforting to think that these creepily ‘perfect’ female faces don’t exist on this planet either.

Click through the gallery above to see the favourite celebrity features...

by Sian Gardiner


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