10 Hot Ways To Fake A Good Night's Sleep

22 August 2014 by

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Kevyn Aucoin, The Eyelash Curler, £17.00, CultBeauty.com

Mascara on uncurled lashes? Droopy. Come on, somewhere in the world is Lisa Eldridge, and she KNOWS when you don't curl your lashes. So curl 'em, and thank me later.

High Coverage Concealer, £23.00, Selfridge's

In a great shade range and able to cover a multitude of sins, this uber-thick concealer will become late night out's best buddy. 

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 'Mrs Mia Wallace', £15, available Sept. 1st

If all else fails, if you wear a bold lip colour, no one will look at your eyes. We love the intense pigment and satiny finish of Urban Decay's limited edition 'Pulp Fiction' lipstick for some wow factor.

Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base, £22, counters nationwide

Is your secret beauty shame your red eyelids? Have you often wondered if you're the only one plagurd by veiny lids? Fear not; turns out it's pretty common. (Collective sigh of relief rushes round the nation). Clarins new eye base is great to diffuse redness.

Laura Mercier Eye Basic in Blue, £20.50, John Lewis

It's worth noting that this doesn't actually go ON blue. Instead, it's super brightening and great for scribbling over your eyes to perk them up.

Chantecaille Eyeshadow in 'Perle', £19.50, Space NK

Try a dab of this pearlescent reflective shade in the corner of the eyes and on the centre of the lid to perk you up and banish greyness. 

Garnier Caffeine Roll-On, £10.49, Boots 

First of all, this feels AMAZING as it's so soothing, but the caffeine helps to recharge tired eyes and de-puff your orbital area.

Bold Coloured Mascara, from a selection, Growth Booster Masacara, By Terry, £32.00

Black can be a little harsh, so try one of these grown-up glam offerings. Purple suits all eye colours, especially brown, but the red wine colour is suprisingly pretty too.

Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, £25, M&S Your Beauty

The gingko biloba leaf extract and hydrolyzed elastin (no, us neither) help to firm sleepy eyes and increase blood flow for less puff. Keep in the fridge for ultimate 'aah' factor.  

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Sometimes, whether it's a Netflix binge or a troubled mind, you're just not gonna get much sleep. Staying up late feels GREAT at the time, but when you wake up looking a little worse for wear, you'll probably regret it. No matter what you managed to accomplish by burning the midnight oil, your burned-out complexion and less-than-focussed self might not agree it was so worth it. Eyes are such a giveaway of a sleepless night; whether you're with Team Puffy or Team Dark Circles, tired eyes will give you away before you can even yawn.

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So, we've hunted down the best quick-fixes for sleepy peepers to revive your complexion and make it look like you'd never stay out later than 10 on a school night, no way. Plus, they can all be done whilst gulping a double espresso and Red Bull (whatever floats your boat)


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