Girls Star Allison Williams Signs Her First Beauty Deal With Simple Skincare

05 February 2013 by

Last week we pondered whether Girl’s star Allison Williams had been taking a serious amount of beauty inspiration from Kate Middleton because let’s face it, one could be forgiven for mistaking the TV star for La Duchess, what with that glossy mane of brunette hair, liberally applied black liner, perfectly groomed brows and whiter than white teeth. Don’t you agree?

Then last week this Duchess/Allison Williams plot thickened: just as we’d had these thoughts about Allison and the Duchess being beauty twins, something very interesting occured. Allison appeared on Wednesday on the Jimmy Kimmel show as, wait for it, Kate Middleton! Yep, the star was actually doing a spoof video alongside Jimmy who plays a very comical Prince William, and making an uncanny resemblance to the DoC. Ha - we knew there was something to this! On further research we’ve actually found out that it’s not the first time either – she made another Kate video a while back too in which she looks and acts like Kate, so perhaps she really is modelling herself on the Duchess. Plus, speculation at Grazia Towers is that maybe she's hoping to win over Prince Harry now that he’s back from the front line. Oh and we reckon she must have read our feature about Kate's top tips too since she's working the look so flawlessly. Well Allison, top marks to you for copying our Duchess so well...

All of this Duchess-style swotting up is clearly working, because we’ve just heard that Allison has just bagged her very first beauty deal with skincare brand Simple.  And isn’t she just perfect for the part, with her wholesome, fresh-faced, clean (duchess stylee) beauty thang going on? Plus the star told People mag the she has very sensitive skin too, especially after endless days of makeup to filming.  It really is a match made in skincare heaven. And we could forget taking note of the fact that Miss Williams sits pretty comfortably alongside the brand’s previous faces which have included Brigid McGraw, Lucy Holt and Poppy Delevigne, while Georgia Jagger, Holly Valance, Erin O Connor and Amber le Bon are also known fans of the brand.  Allison, we salute you.

Check out our gallery above for a hefty dose of Allison beauty-inspiration


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