Caroline Flack's Summer Beauty Tips: What To Pack To A Festival And How To Get Active

11 April 2013 by

As festival season is about to kick off this weekend with Coachella and summer is on it's way (we hope) we caught up with TV star and festival go-er Caroline Flack to get her top summer beauty tips. Find out what she packs for a weekend in a muddy field at Glastonbury, how she is getting fit for summer and whether she will get the dip dye back in our interview below...

Grazia Daily: Make up must haves?

'In no particular order... MAC smouldering eye liner, MAC face and body, Benefit mascara and a Benefit bronzer and highlighter called Ten as it’s a really good bronzer for your face. Moisturizer wise I use the Elemis pro collagen creams. I don’t really wear more than that, maybe a bit of gloss on my lips. Perhaps MAC Lady Danger lipstick if I’m going out late.'

Grazia Daily: Tips for surviving a festival beauty wise?

'Batiste dry shampoo! As you can’t wash your hair when you’re there unless you’re glamping in a winnebago which most people aren’t. I hate feeling dirty, as I freakily wash three times a day and have to wash my hair every day. If you are going to a festival then dry shampoo is the way forward and a massive pair of sunglasses.'

Grazia Daily: What do you take to festivals?

'Wet wipes! Of course you have to take deodrant. Now the Sure Compressed deodorants are much smaller but the same amount, so you can fit it into your bag, which is so important as you can’t shower or wash. So you need to take wet wipes, bastise, deodorant and sunglasses.'

Grazia Daily: Do you bother with make up at a festival?

'I'd whack some face and body on and a little bit of lip gloss. Again I'd probably use all the things I have in my make up bag. It’s mainly about keeping clean being at a festival isn’t it? You don’t want to smell. It smells enough, you don’t want to add to it.'

Grazia Daily: Do you wear much make up when you're not working?

'No never. I now sometimes feel like I should make more of an effort if I’m caught off guard. But I really like going make up free.'

Caroline's instagrams of her festival memories

Grazia Daily: How do you try and stay active?

With reformer pilates - I only just discovered it. I was going to get a personal trainer but my friend said to do three or four sessions of reformer pilates and your body will just spring into shape. I absolutely love it and I have become a little addicted to it. If I could I would do it every day, but I try and do three or four sessions a week. It's quite relaxing as well, because you have these weights attached to your body and you’re lying down. So it’s like exercising in bed, which is great.

Grazia Daily: Hair wise you’ve gone darker, would you get the dip dye back for summer?

'I do miss the dip dye a little bit, as you’ve got the best of both worlds. I might do it in a different way. I really like being dark and I’m naturally dark. It’s a lot easier to maintain, and I’m a brunette at heart. But I might add a bit of light in for summer.'

Grazia Daily: Would you go blonde?

'I don't think so. Maybe a little bit. I did last year and I look back and think 'eek that didn’t work very well'.  But it was fun when I had it.'

Grazia Daily: You were at Dawn Porter's wedding what are your beauty tips for a wedding?

'I don’t really have any beauty tips for a wedding. Obviously try not to upstage the bride. But it depends what kind of wedding it is. Dawn's was a very, very laidback gorgeous wedding but I don’t think she would ever want to tell someone how to dress. It was almost like the anti-wedding, no rules and let’s just have a party like we all would anyway. So Dawn’s was very much come as you are. I don’t think there are any rules to dress for a wedding you should just go as you are. We're in a different time now, it’s not all twin sets and pearls.'

Grazia Daily: Olly Murs is thought to not be coming back to the Xtra factor, would you miss working with him?

'Nothing has been confirmed yet, but no matter what happens me and Olly will work together again because we get on really well and we really like each other and like the way we work together. So whatever happens we will definitely end up working together some way or other.'

TV presenter Caroline Flack took part in an exclusive photoshoot to mark the launch of new Sure Compressed deodorants, which are half the size of the traditional larger aerosol but last just as long





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