THAT Brad Pitt For Chanel No.5 Ad Named The Worst Ad Of 2012 - But We Still Love It

19 December 2012 by

Yes, we've missed our bus thanks to this distraction

So we might have banged on to you about Brad Pitt quite a lot, but it’s been a trump of a year for the actor. No we’re not talking about him and Angelina, we’re more thinking about that iconic Chanel campaign he did which became a hit sensation. Now, whilst  reading our morning paper on the way to work today, we spotted that the perfume promo has been panned and put in the Worst Ads of 2012 List (and yes there have been plenty of comical spoofs), but we beg to differ… In fact, we can think of 10 might fine reasons why we heart Brad and Chanel so much…

10 Reason Why We Love Brad For Chanel

1. Brad Pitt + Chanel = two of our all times favourites rolled into one... you do the maths.

2. Brad's sulty, husky voice sounds so sexy that on last count, Grazia Team Beauty have watched the ad a total of 43 times.

3. Despite numerous spoofs, Brad and Mr. Largerfeld have had the last laugh with sales figures soaring for both men's and women's fragrances since the ad campaign.

4. The commercial has over 7 million hits on YouTube, need we say more.

5. 'Inevitable', the simple and foreboding tagline of Brad's ads, is punchy and perfect and obviously comes straight from Karl himself. Genius branding we say.

6. It's got everyone talking, which is always the aim of such a marketing tool surely? Everyone from your dad to your neighbour to your gardener's uncle's mother has seen, watched, read about it.

6. Brad's silver fox hair and goaty he's got going on make us weak at the knees - on anyone else, no. On Brad Pitt, YES.

7. The ad is focused on both men and women - no really, Karl didn't want to leave anyone out. Women drool over him, men want to be him... a double winner.

8. Whilst Chanel keep financial figures very closely guarded, the brand comes in at the 4th most valuable luxury brand with a worth of $6.68 billion, so Brad and the fashion house must be doing something right.

9. The slightly misleading and prophetic words within the ad  - “It’s not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.” - make you watch it more than once and leave it to play in your mind at just what it means, another clever marketing tool. Karl, you're messing with our brains!

10. In all honestly, can you really say that Chanel No.5, or any of their fragrances for that matter, aren't at the top of your Christmas wish list?! If it gets us one step closer to Brad...


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