10 Hot Beauty Trends We're Tempted To Bring Back

05 August 2014 by


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1. Claire Danes’ Red Hair

Although we’ve come to know and love Ms Danes for her bouncy head of blonde hair, we’re constantly harking back to her flaming red tresses back in the days of My-So-Called-Life. To date, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen such a gorgeous (and glossy) hue of red hair. Crimson, come back to us!

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2. Side part/side clip

Growing out your fringe? Take note of Cameron Diaz’s super-cute side part/side clip circa 1998. OK, it may look a little infantile, but the humble clip is a great way to keep hair off your face when growing out your fringe. Too cute!

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3. Poker Straight Tresses

In the late 90s, poker straight hair was all the rage and god forbid you tuck a strand behind your ear. Our poker straight icons included Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston and we’re still swooning over their glossy, mirror-like strands. Want in? We do.

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4. Brown Lip Liner

The minute Rachel Green came into our lives; it wasn’t just her infamous head of hair that got tongues wagging. Remember her brown lip liner? We do. Surprisingly sophisticated and with a shade to suit everyone, this cappuccino hue is something we’d like to see make a comeback.

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5. The Dirty Dancing ‘Curly Bob’

We’ve never seen a perm quite so gorgeous- and so cute. There’s just something about Jennifer Gray’s hair in Dirty Dancing that still inspires us to dig out our diffusers. We’re holding out for the return of the couture frizz.

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6. Twiggy’s Clumpy Mascara

Although a clump-free mascara is the holy grail of any girl’s make-up bag, there are times when we actually want our lashes thick, spidery, spiky- and, yes, a little bit clumpy. In fact, as Twiggy circa 1960 would tell you- long lashes don’t always have to be pretty and soft. Take note, ladies.

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7. 1940’s Victory Rolls

Rita Hayworth, 1945. A true beauty icon who was never seen without her uber-feminine victory rolls. Perfect for all modern-day vintage vixens and surprisingly flattering for rounder face shapes, we’re secretly hoping the victory roll will hit the red carpet sooner rather than later.

8. Blue Eyeshadow

Controversial, we know, but this 1970s beauty staple is unpredictably chic and perfect for highlighting a tan during the summer months. Just remember the golden rule and use an eyelid primer before applying your chosen shade- as blue is a primary colour, it can easily take on a different hue once its applied to bare skin.

9. Rum Raisin Lips

‘Rum Raisin’, whilst being one of our favourite ice cream flavours, was actually an iconic Revlon lipstick made famous in the 90s by catwalk queen Cindy Crawford. Although the shade is now discontinued (sob), we’re crossing our fingers for a speedy return…

10. Butterfly Clips

We always knew that those Olsen twins were going to be big names in the fashwan world- and they started off wearing butterfly clips! Cheap, easy to wear and brimming with nostalgic memories, we’re secretly hoping the butterfly clip will make a comeback- we’ll see you at Claire’s, then…

As much as us beauty girls love analysing Hollywood’s hottest hair and beauty looks as soon as they hit the red carpet, there’s just something about a retro beauty look that never fails to get us all excited. Whether it’s a 1960s-inspired feline flick or a 1990’s matte lipstick, there’s just something about the beauty trends of yore that never fail to make us feel seriously nostalgic.

And whilst many a retro hair and beauty trend have had a surge in popularity over the years (think red lipstick and Twiggy inspired eyeliner), there are certain trends that we feel truly deserve a proper resurgence. After all, what goes around, comes around, right?

Click through the gallery above and check out the top 10 beauty trends we wish would make a comeback. Which is your favourite?


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