VIDEO: The Model In Lisa Eldridge's Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial Is Alexa Herself!

13 June 2014 by

How To Get Alexa Chung Makeup: Lisa Eldridge Video Tutorial

Lisa Eldridge's youtube channel is a treasure trove of beauty delights. As the makeup artist to many of the world’s most beautiful faces - hello Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Cara Delevingne - this is the lady to turn to if you're after some makeup inspiration.

But this time, Lisa's really gone all out to create the ultimate Alexa Chung tutorial by enlisting a very special guest: Chung herself! Yes, while we watch Lisa work her magic, Alexa chats away about everything from her new love of tanning to bagging a French man. Ooh la la!

As for her infamous eyeliner, Alexa takes the reigns and shows us how she gets it so ruddy perfect. 'It’s a simple and timeless look, that can work for everyone,' says Lisa, 'although as Alexa says, the liner takes a bit of practice but once you’ve got it down, it’s easy.'

How To Get Alexa Chung Makeup: Lisa Eldridge Video Tutorial

Here are some more beauty secrets we've learned from Alexa during the 12:35 minutes of makeup joy...

She's finally embracing the tan

When Grazia bumped into Alexa at the Anya Hindmarch dinner this week, we couldn't help noticing how radiantly tanned she's looking - and now we know why. 'It's actually my first tan ever,' she reveals. 'I've been quite good with my skin over the years, but now I'm 30, I was like, "that's it". My tan time's here.'

Her signature look is all about the '60s

'I don't really switch up my beauty look massively. I mean, if I'm on a photoshoot and we're trying to play with the clothes then I might stray but generally speaking, I love to rip off Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy. I just thought that '60s makeup is so flattering for a face... It's kind of undone but it's also really feminine so it doesn't look like you've made a huge effort but equally it flatters the right part.'

She's struggling with her eyebrows

'I really want them to be stronger. I spent all of my school years plucking them to oblivion - you know in the '90s when it was cool to have like that kind of Greta Garbo '30s thing? And now I feel like they're suffering from being over-plucked so they might look overly hairy.' Lisa's suggestion? Brow serums. 'My dad has literally caterpillar brows so I have confidence it's going to go,' Alexa says, 'I'm going to do Frida Kahlo by 2015'. Watch this space...

Daisy gave her a spot-squeezing tutorial

'I get a spot once a year and when it hits, it's literally a monster. It's distracting. I feel like I know what it's like if I had a pair of boobs now because people can't stop... their eye just keeps looking down at it. I didn't know what to do so I squeezed it and it scared so beware. My friend Daisy [Ms Lowe we assume] had to come round and help me do it because I didn't know what to do. I was having dinner with friends and they were like, "Babe, you have to sort that out, it's putting me off my meal".' LOLs.

Lisa's 'Get The Alexa Look' tips...

1. Starting with Chanel foundation Lisa then applies Laura Mercier Concealer (a product that’s always in Alexa’s handbag) working her magic on the dreaded (but tiny) spot.

2. She then uses Eyeko’s Me and My Shadow in taupe and chocolate, a product that Alexa designed for a 'minimum effort, maximum effect', to subtly define her eyes.
3. On to the iconic kitten flick liner, Lisa asks Alexa to do it herself. 'I really wanted Alexa to do the liner element herself as everyone’s seen me do it a million times and by watching Alexa’s application you can really understand the angles and technique so you know exactly how to apply it on yourself.'
4. To complete the look, Lisa applied lashing of Eyeko Eye do mascara, a Rimmel cream blusher and a moisturising nude lipstick.


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