Why We're Not On Board With Kim Kardashian's Latest Weight Loss Trend

24 August 2014 by

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

(Images: Instagram and Getty)

Oh, Kim K. We love you, we really do. We love your selfies (and the fact you're releasing a whole book of them), we love your on-point, always-evolving style. Heck, we even love your weird crying face (Google it, trust.) However, as much as we'd love to have your million dollar curves, we aren't about to get all Victorian lady in order to get them. In a snap on Instagram this week, Kim was in the gym as per usual - except she appeared to have a pit-stop to a fancy dress shop en route to her workout, because she was wearing a corset. Yep, an actual, squeezing-bone-crushing one, not like a cute Dolce & Gabbana one.

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Why, you ask? Because the Kim is the latest celebrity to jump on board of the corset diet - this weird weight loss method goes by a few guises, like one company called 'The Corset Diet' who advise wearing their re-shaping corset up to 12 hours a day. Yikes - we thought Spanx was uncomfortable. The idea is that you can 're-train' your waist, and thus make it permanently smaller - there's no doctors over at Grazia Daily towers, but consider our eyebrows firmly raised. Trying to re-shape an adult body when all the bones, muscle and tissue are still in place? Something doesn't add up.


(Image: Getty. Left: Looking smokin'. Right, the only kinda corset we like)

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Plus, does no one remember what happened to Victorian ladies? If they weren't fainting, they were getting seriously unwell with all their internal organs doing things they shouldn't. Don't you about you, but the treadmill has never seemed more appealling. However, Kim's not the only fan, as Jessica Alba claimed to wear one for months after giving birth in order to get her figure back. Each to their own - but you're more likely to find us in Lycra than a corset when we want to drop a few pounds.


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