Your 2014 Health Checklist: The 10 Health Checks Every Woman Should Have

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1. The Anxiety Eraser

Want to alleviate your anxiety without pills? The Alpha-Stim AID promises to do just that- plus it can treat stress, insomnia and SAD. The treatment- which works by using cranial electrotherapy stimulation- device looks like a little white box with a pair of ear clips attached (similar to headphones). Once fastened on to the earlobes, the clips transmit tiny electrical impulses that cause a micro-current to pass through the body.

It works in a similar way to antidepressant medications- so, prompting the brain cells to produce the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin- but without any nasty side effects.

£399, or available on a rent-to-buy-scheme of £42 a month for a year; [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

2. High-Tech Health Assessment

Book in for a high-tech health assessment at The Organic Pharmacy. Through a full body scan, you’ll get an in-depth look at food intolerances, organ function, acid balance and more. We’re hooked.

Visit [a target="_blank" href="">[/a] for more information

3. The Clear-Head Test

Henrietta Norton, nutritionist and founder of Wild Nutrition, has developed a non-invasive test (so no nasty needles, hurrah!) to determine the balance and receptivity of the neurotransmitters (the chemical messengers that carry information to cells and neurons) in our bodies. Her neuroendocrine panel is produced from your urine sample and provides a comprehensive view of the key imbalances that contribute to conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, ‘brain fog’ and appetite regulation. It can also look for hormone imbalances. Treatment is by way of changes to diet and supplements.

[a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

4. Gluten-Free Beauty Products

Gluten-free cosmetics are the buzz in beauty this year. Although many of us tailor our diets to avoid the doughy protein (which can cause digestive problems, fatigue, migraines and a number of autoimmune conditions), a growing number of people believe it matters what we put on to our skin, too. In fact, a large number of cosmetics- from hair care to mascaras, moisturisers, face masks and lip glosses- contain elements of either wheat or oats. If you want to avoid it altogether, Dr Hauschka has many certified gluten-free products, a list of which is available on its [a target="_blank" href="">website.[/a]

5. The His ‘N’ Hers Fertility Bootcamp

Emma Cannon, founder of The Fertility Rooms and author of Total Fertility, has developed a his-and-hers testing programme to enable couples to diagnose any potential obstacles or difficulties when it comes to having children. Ideal for those who aren’t ready for a baby straight away, but may want to rule out issues later on, the MOT is carried out by Emma herself.

Women are advised on on gynaecological health, menstrual issues, lifestyle factors, diet, drinking and exercise, before recommending the appropriate tests, such as STI tests, AMH screening and an FSH test, which is a hormone check to examine ovarian function. Men are offered a comprehensive sperm analysis and a DNA Fragmentation test too.

Consultation fee £200; tests and screenings are at an additional cost. Visit [a target="_blank" href="">[/a] for more information

6. Going For Cold

“Traditional juicers use centrifugal force to generate juice,” says nutritionist Holly Pannett. “A spinning metal blade separates the liquid by force, but the blade also generates heat, which oxidises some of the beneficial enzymes in fruits and veg. The new generation juicers extract liquid differently- by crushing and pressing instead. This ‘cold press’ generates less heat, leaving more nutrients intact. It’s more time consuming- which is why a cold-pressed juice can be much more costly- but there’s a lot more nutritional value inside one. I recommend green-based juices. Try green apples, spinach, celery, pineapple, lemon and ginger.”


7. Your New Immunity Insurance

It’s been big in Australia for years, but 2014 sees horseradish take centre stage as an alternative remedy to beat colds, respiratory and sinus infections. Award-winning vitamin brand [a target="_blank" href="">Viridian[/a] has developed a tablet containing horseradish, shown in clinical studies to reduce infection; garlic, a powerful antibacterial and antiviral; together with buffered zinc and Vitamin C. The perfect remedy for post-summer colds and viruses.

8. The Functional Fitness Profiler

The FFP is a scientifically formulated group of fitness tests to assess how well your body works for your age. It looks at your strength, balance, agility, joint mobility and cardiovascular fitness. A trained physio puts you through your paces with a series of tasks: the number of press-ups or sit-ups you can do in a minute, how long you can stand on one leg with your eyes closed, the strength of your grip, how quickly you can run a mile and half and many more.

As well as these physical tests, your posture, spine and joint mobility are assessed. The results of these observations and tests provide a snapshot of what’s being called your ‘functional fitness age’, which could be older, younger or bang on your physical age.

Physiotherapist Cameron Tudor, who developed the test at his West London Physio practice says, “Your body ageing is normal, but how it ages is up to you. At any age, you can drastically improve strength, balance, flexibility and fitness if you know what to focus on.”

A complete FFP assessment, including a detailed report and recommendations, is £240 (some of this may be covered by your health insurer). [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

9. Liver A Lot

Worried one too many boozy summer BBQs have played havoc with your health? There’s a test to find out. The London Clinic is one of a handful of hospitals in the UK to offer the Fibroscan ultrasound test, which can determine the heath of your liver completely painlessly in just 15 minutes.

Fibroscan test, £300; [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

10. The Life-Changing Blood Test

Unless you’ve been on Mars for the past 5 years, you’ll have head of The Zone diet; a method of eating developed by American biochemist Dr Barry Sears and followed by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Madonna, Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford.

Dr Sears, like many other nutritionists, believes it is inflammation that makes our body susceptible to chronic illnesses and premature ageing. To combat this, he’s developed a simple finger-prick blood test to determine your body’s levels of inflammation, followed by a tailor-made nutritional strategy to reduce it. The dietary plan centres on a careful balancing of nutrients: low GI carbohydrates, proteins and fats, consumed in a 40-30-30 ratio. It may sound fiddly, but as Dr Sears believes, this programme gives you higher levels of energy, mental acuity and physical wellness by reducing your cellular information.

Want in? We do.

From hot new health checks to unlikely immune-system boosters, click through the gallery above to discover the 10 things set to make you calmer, fitter, happier and healthier…


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