Fitness with Feeling? Try Psycle- Grazia Beauty's Favourite New Workout

31 March 2014 by

I genuinely love the idea of exercise, and it ends there. Actually doing it is a whole other ball game (I hate ball games too), but with my wedding day looming in the distance, looking hotter/ slimmer/ younger in very much the plan. Yet with it all pointing in the direction of more exercise, it’s scarily unrealistic.

And then I tried Psycle. As with a lot of cutting edge fitness trends emerging in the UK, Pyscle’s ethos originated in the USA, where fitness is a state of mind, a way of life and focused on much more than just looks and BMI.

Psycle is essentially a spin class that takes place in a blacked out studio – save for some flashing industrial lighting, to a specially curated sound track of songs I have now added to the ever growing ‘songs for the wedding’ list.  It makes you feel good. And cool. And ridiculously happy.  Yes, the fundamental difference with this class is you leave feeling extremely uplifted. Note to all employers:  You want to have happy, healthy staff? Book them in for an early morning PSCYLE session. It’ll work wonders.

If like me you don’t respond well to an aggressive trainer shouting at you to ‘WORK HARDER!’, this’ll suit you to a T. It’s by no means easy – you’ll burn up to 1000 calories in a 45 minute cardio, weights and core balance session – but the vibe is positive and encouraging, without feeling like you’re being babied. I’m also told that it leads to long and lean, not big and bulking muscle definition.

Without a doubt it helps that the London venue is more ‘friendly private members club’ than sweaty gym too – all Ila cosmetics, ghd hair appliances and gorgeous sportswear for sale - alas with fresh juices to takeaway, rather than potent house cocktails. I guess you can’t have everything…

Words by Poppy Lara. Classes from £20,


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