10 Hot Superfood Swaps To Save You Money

21 August 2014 by

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Swap Quinoa For...

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Rice and Beans!

Okay, so not as glam, but rice and beans is MUCH cheaper and still contains a complete protein (aka, all the amino acids you need). Every bit as delicious, too.

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Swap Acai Berries For...

A Red Apple!

Acai may sound chic, but an indepedent consumer study by Choice found that you'd have to drink about 13 servings of Acai juice to get the antioxidant benefits of a red apple. An apple a day...

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Swap Goji Berries For For...


Blueberries are the original superfood. While acai are full of antioxidants, so are blueberries for a portion of the price. 

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Swap Chia Seeds For...

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Chia is full of fibre and protein, but so is every Scotsman's favourite brekkie. Studies have shown that eating porridge for breakfast keeps you fuller for much longer, too, so less snacking.

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Swap Matcha Green Tea For...

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Regular Green Tea!

Our decision here might be slightly influenced by not needing to faff around with a whisk, but good-quality normal green tea is still full of anti-oxidant, purifying goodness.

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Swap Cacao for Dark Chocolate!

Cacao is mega good for you, but it's also mega expensive. Good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids or higher) is a health wonder; studies have shown a decrease in susceptibility to heart disease for people who munched a few squares a week. Plus, it's a total mood boost!

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Swap Vitamin C Tablets For...

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A Baked Potato!

That's right, the humble jacket spud is full of Vitamin C, believe it or not. Also, loaded up with potassium. Your mum's favourite weeknight supper just got cool again.

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Gluten free versions of your favourite wheat-y treats like pasta and pizza are often full of sugar and other nasties to try and make up for the lack of a binding agent. Skip the 'Free From' aisle and try polenta, an Italian grain that's ready in under five minutes and great in savoury and sweet dishes. Grazia Daily's resident Italian, Daniela, will be very offended if you don't like it. 

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Swap Coconut Oil For...Sesame Oil!

Okay, this is only for stir-fries. Save the expensive coconut oil for your face and hair and use sesame oil for savoury dishes with its delicious nutty taste.

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Swap Agave For... Cinnamon!

Agave has been lauded as a Low-GI sweetener, but even though it contains less glucose and more fructose, the effect on your body is still pretty much the same. Sprinkle cinnamon on yoghurt, oatmeal or other desserts to sweeten without the sugar rush. 

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In an ideal world, we'd not only have Jourdan Dunn's body, we'd have the contents of her fridge too. Hands up who's guilty of lusting over healthy food-spiration on Instagram, only to look disappointedly at your cupboard full of Shreddies and Marmite? *All of Team Grazia raise their hands*.

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Even when you've got the motivation to say no to the croissant, sometimes your budget is a little more Aldi than almond butter. However, we did some sniffing around here at Grazia Daily, and realised that some celebrity favourite superfoods have everyday counterparts that are much cheaper and still pack a healthy punch. Click through the gallery to see more... 



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