10 Hot Fuss Free Ways To Lose Weight When You Hate Dieting

03 July 2014 by


1. Think quality not quantity

“Here at the Detox Kitchen, we believe that weight loss should be a side-effect to eating healthily. Go with the mindset that you want to explore really healthy tasty food and you will be surprised by the results. If you eat this way, you can have large portions, feel satisfied and still lose weight.”

Lily Simpson, Founder of the Detox Kitchen

2. Be mindful of your drinking habits

“Alcohol is the sworn enemy of good intentions, not least because after a glass or two, who cares about losing weight? Pick your days to drink, try weekends and Wednesdays and then only drink with your food, not beforehand. This offsets the effects of alcohol and also means that you have four out of seven days alcohol free.”

Ian Marber, Nutrition Consultant

3. Find healthy alternatives for the things you love

“Try upgrading to better food choices, meaning you can still have your pasta or your carbs, just with a healthier alternative. Try rice noodles instead of spaghetti and gluten free bread instead of a traditional loaf. Don’t put sugar in your tea- try rice syrup or agave instead.”

Natasha Corrett, author of Honestly Healthy

4. Drink more water

“It’s the age-old tip but drinking lots of water will help to curb hunger, as often we feel hungry when in fact we are just a little dehydrated. Drinking herbal tea is a good way of increasing your water intake.”

Lily Simpson, Founder of the Detox Kitchen

5. Eat more plants

“Anything that grows in the ground or on a tree, from veggies to fruits to grains and legumes is guaranteed to be nutrient dense and will make sure you're cells are satisfied and you’re not eating empty calories, or tempted to raid the cookie jar. That’s where juicing is an excellent addition to your day to day routine as it condenses all of these awesome plants into one serving. And adding PLENISH to your shopping cart has never been easier since our launch on Ocado.com." 

Kara Rosen, Founder of PLENISH

6. Include protein in every meal

“You don’t need to do the full Atkins diet, but there’s no denying the importance of protein when trying to lose weight. Protein works to naturally satisfy hunger, keeps you fuller for longer and works to balance blood sugar levels. Don’t forget that when you are stressed your body naturally craves more protein, so aim for around 1g of protein for every kg of weight. With every meal or snack, ask yourself, “Where’s the protein?” If there isn’t any, think of ways to add some in, or choose something different.”

Rebecca Burn, Resident Nutritionist at Grace Belgravia

7. Keep snacking

“There’s no need to feel guilty about snacking- Not only do nutritious, healthy small snacks stave off hunger but they also prevent your blood sugar levels dropping. Regular blood sugar helps to keep the brain alert and drops could also lead to irrational snacking. Going without food for a long period of time can also encourage the blood to store fat, slow metabolism and can actually have the opposite effect to weight loss. Try raw unsalted nuts with fruit, or a slice of rye bread with cashew nut butter.”

Jennifer Irvine, Founder of Pure Package and Balance Box

8. Make changes for life

“Commit to making one lifestyle change a month- - make sure you achieve this and are comfortable with this before introducing another. Build slowly and the effect of achieving this consistency will positively affect your behaviour and choices moving forward. Give yourself time and allow your mindset to switch to more a long term sustainability approach, 'this is something I should be doing for life' as opposed to an all or nothing approach trying to change everything for a month and as such learning nothing, understanding nothing and being generally negatively restrictive”

Stephen Price, MD, SP&Co

9. Scrap coffee- and take up yoga

“Caffeine might be calorie-free but can lead to a rise on cortisol, a hormone that in turn can encourage fat accumulation around the middle. By the same token stress can also have the same effect so consider some calming mindfulness exercises, and swap a cardio session to a yoga class.  Limit caffeine to once a day, or better still, if you can, go caffeine free.”

Ian Marber, Nutrition Consultant

10. Ditch anything white

“My number one tip would be to cut out the white stuff, aka sugar, in its refined sense.  Sugar has no nutritional benefits and is not a friend for a trim tum either. Try to eliminate everything that is white and comes in a box as it’s likely to contain sugar, and that includes white breads and white pasta. These foods will spike your insulin levels, leading to either weight gain or a serious hinder to your weight loss.”

Eve Kalinik, Nutritional Therapist

When it comes to dieting, the mere word sends us Grazia girls into a right frenzy (and even hungry just thinking about it). From the Atkins to 5:2 to Paleo, we’re in a constant state of bafflement about what to eat for our next meal, so we don’t blame you if you feel confused, too! Plus, when the diary is looking manic, deadlines are looming and your purse is feeling the strain, a diet can seem like a seriously unappealing feat- that trek all the way over to Whole Foods just to buy that £6 loaf of flaxseed bread? Yeah, we get you!

Alas, fear not, as we’ve only gone and spoken with some of the industry’s hottest nutritional experts who have given us their top tips to help you lose weight effortlessly- and without even being on a diet. Click through the gallery above and think of these as your new food rules…


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