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10 Hot (And Yummy!) Low Sugar Summer Treats

Summer is definitely the season of sweetness. Did you know once it's over 25 degrees, ice cream becomes a food group? True story. Gotta mix it up and make sure you've got your cone numbers, your lollies, your soft-serve and your sorbet. Very important. But, as delicious as summer food is, some of it can be alarmingly high in refined sugars. And we all know these aren't good for us - we don't need another lecture from the latest model on the sugar-free bandwagon. So, we thought it was in our best interests to try and find some alternatives to our favourite snacks and tipples that you can enjoy totally guilt free. Click through the gallery below to see more.

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Coconut Sugar

Loved by many an A-Lister, coconut sugar is a great alternative to normal sugar. Use it in baking or sprinkled on porridge to have a sweet treat without the blood sugar spikes. Biona Organic Coconut Sugar is available from [a target="_blank" href="http://ocado.co.uk">Ocado[/a] for £2.99.

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Coyo Yoghurts

These dreamy dairy-free yoghurts are almost 98% pure coconut, making them a lower sugar treat that's creamy and delicious. Coyo can be found in Whole Foods and Tesco - check [a target="_blank" href="http://www.coyo.co.uk/">Coyo.com[/a] for more stockists.

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Chocolate Mousse with Avocado

No, really, you read that right. Avocado has a great soft texture and easily (and naturally) sweetened. Try it with cacao powder and a little manuka honey for a delish and guilt-free treat.

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Cocktails with Agave

Agave has a lower GI than most sweeteners, and tastes much sweeter than sugar so you only need a little. It's a perfect substitute for lots of cocktail ingredients, like simple syrup.

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Dates are SO sweet. And, their gooey texture makes them a really good binding agent for making puddings, or you can just eat them neat as a snack. Delish.

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Salad Dressings

Making yourself a saintly salad can be short-circuited when you dump a load of dressing all over it. Try something like balsamic vinegar, which is sweeter, or olive oil, lemon or yoghurt dressings.

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Iced Coffee With Almond Milk

If you can't bear to have your coffee without a little sugar, try using almond milk. (Make sure you buy unsweetened though!) It's got a nutty flavour that compliments coffee perfectly.

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Banana Ice Cream

Frozen bananas are a really good substitute for ice cream. Chop into slices, freeze and then mash into a paste and add flavourings; peanut butter's great for a protein hit. The creamy nature makes this taste ultra-decadent.

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Fruit Lollies

The oldest trick in the book - freeze some fruit juice and you'll have delicious, healthy, thirst-quenching lollies in no time. Perfect for sweltering days and hitting all your five a day.

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WheyHey Protein Ice Cream

A wunderkind product, this yummy ice cream is totally sugar free and made with whey protein. Plus, they're carb-light too and REALLY yummy. Available from [a target="_blank" href="http://ocado.co.uk">Ocado[/a].


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