Want To Dye Your Hair At Home? It’s Easier Than You Think With Our Top 5 Tips

30 April 2013 by

Listen up, ladies! Hair trends come and go faster than you can say ‘fishtail plait’- but natural looking, glossy, sophisticated colour is only getting bigger this spring/summer. Seen in abundance on the catwalks and on the red carpets recently, we’ve been spying some seriously good-looking locks. You know that polished, swishy hair colour that’s only ever been accessible to your world via Cheryl Cole in a L’Oreal advert? Stop dreaming, ladies! This is exactly what we’re talking about…   

 Want To Dye Your Hair At Home? It’s Easier Than You Think With Our Top 5 Tips

It’s time to scrap the statement shades and dramatic colour changes as this season’s new hues are all about working with what God gave you (which, we promise, really isn’t that bad!) Forget dip-dye and drastic colour deviations a la Rhianna, Katy Perry and Emma Stone and get ready to enhance your natural colour. Hurry on down to your newsagents ASAP and scoop up a copy of this week’s issue to get the full 411!

To whet your appetite, we’ve prepared some exclusive DIY hair-dye tips especially for you right from the very heart of the Grazia Beauty desk. If, like us, you’ve been feeling the pinch recently, it’s time to take note and get your gloves on. If used properly, a good hair dye is a total steal and if you know what you’re doing you’re on to a winner. Messing with your hair, at home, is so teenager-y, right? Think again, ladies, think again.  

1. Try Before You Dye

Boring, we know, but skin allergies are on the rise, and even if you’ve never had problems in the salon before it’s definitely worth a test patch 48 hours before you plan to use the dye. PPD, the toxic chemical found in hair products can cause skin irritation which could affect the final colour.

Want To Dye Your Hair At Home? It’s Easier Than You Think With Our Top Tips

2. All About The Prep

Don’t even think about trying to colour your hair if it’s in bad nick. Damaged hair grabs on to colour and creates uneven patches. Make sure your tresses are in top-tip condition- use an intensive moisturising mask (we love Bumble and Bumble’s Crème de Coco Masque, £21.50) a couple of times a week prior to colouring.  

3. Finding ‘The One’

An impossible feat, surely? Do it like the pro’s and look at the ends of your hair to find your most natural colour. We know it’s tempting to be led by the colour on the packet (and those alluring shade names) but this will never look the same on your hair. Hair guru Daniel Galvin suggests never going three shades darker or lighter than your natural shade.

Want To Dye Your Hair At Home? It’s Easier Than You Think With Our Top 5 Tips

4. Phone A Friend

Unless you’re a total pro, reaching the back of your head can be tricky, so don’t be afraid to get your BFF to lend a helping hand. Better safe than sorry!

5. Keep It Fresh

Don’t undo all your hard work once the colour is done. Try not to shampoo your new colour for at least 24 hours (this can unsettle the dye) and keep hair well-nourished with the right shampoo and conditioner.


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