Top 10 Celebrity Hair-Volutions of 2012: How Have The Stars Transformed Their 'Dos?

27 December 2012 by

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The debut of a new celebrity hair style can create as much excitement and interest as a Hollywood premiere. As anyone who has ever decided to get a drastic new ‘do will understand, the experience can leave one feeling a mix of joy and fear, and the latter must be extra intense for stars under the scrutiny of the press and public. However, unlike us normal folk, who often take the plunge due to a break-up or for a new job, as an A-list actress, the control is often out of their hands. Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron are perfect examples of this, having their beautiful locks chopped off in 2012 film roles.
To see Grazia Daily's favourite celebrity hair transformations of the year, click through the gallery above. And remember, not everyone can pull off a pixie crop like Rihanna...

By Helena Hamilton

10. Charlize Theron

If you thought Sinead O’Connor was the only woman who could pull off a shaved head, you were wrong. Like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron has had to alter her hair for a film role. However, it’s pretty obvious that this hair cut demanded even more dedication. The actress was spotted in Cape Town, where some of the scenes from her latest flick were being shot, with a barely-there style. Charlize also dyed what was left of her hair brown for the role. Now that’s dedication.

9. Anne Hathaway

A far cry from her shiny, long brown Princess Diaries locks, the brunette beauty will have to wear hats a plenty this winter if she wants to keep her short-haired head nice and warm. The change in look was essential for her role in musical-turned-movie Les Mis. And Anne’s efforts to change her appearance for the role didn’t stop there – she apparently committed herself to eating only 500 calories a day, too.

8. Lana Del Rey

It was lovely to see Lana Del Rey, who is famous for her old school glamour, transfer the quirkiness we usually see in her outfit choices to her hair. As well as switching-up the colour from honey-blonde to black, which we saw at the GQ Awards in September, the singer has also been seen sporting a fringe. Grazia Beauty can’t wait to see what Lana has in store for her hair in 2013!

7. Lena Dunham

The New Year will kick off excellently for Lena, with the hotly anticipated second series of her hit show Girls coming set air in January. What better way to celebrate than with a fabulous new hairstyle? Ever hilarious, Lena shared her new look with the world by tweeting; “I Miley’d the sh*t out of my hair”, along with a picture of her previously short locks looking even shorter.

6. Beyonce

We think it’s safe to say Beyoncé can pull of literally any hair style, in any shade, and her latest look - a fringed, straight, sleek blonde ‘do - is definitely suited to her new role as Mummy Bey. Bangs are a brilliant way to re-invigorate your hairstyle but nothing can top the ‘fro the singer whipped around the stage at Glastonbury last summer and continued rocking earlier this year. Something tells us that Bey’s alter ego Sasha Fierce would prefer the bouncing, beautiful curls back too…

5. Miley Cyrus

She may be in a serious relationship, having got engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth earlier this year, but it seems Miley is still harbouring a healthy dose of teenage rebellion. The actress and singer began her hairvolution by radically dying her locks platinum blonde, before tweeting a pic of her stylist Chris McMillan cutting off her cutie-pie topknot. The star now sports a partly shaved, very short style, a la Brit model Agyness Deyn. Miley is obviously working hard to lose her squeaky-clean Disney image and it’s good to see her taking control of her own individual style.

4. Rihanna

Celebrities who are constantly changing their hairstyles with the use of wigs and extensions often leave us wondering what their natural hair actually looks like! Rihanna is a perfect example of this, as the singer practically changes her look on a daily basis. However, the mystery may finally be solved, since the star has recently been showing off a very short style as seen on The X Factor earlier this month where she performed without a weave in sight. Starting the year with sun-kissed shoulder-length blonde tresses, Rihanna looked every inch a laid-back beach babe. Now she’s channelling the diva in her, and we love the fact that her fierce, confident hairstyle reflects her personality. Maybe now her locks can get some rest!

3. Emma Stone

You may be surprised to hear that Emma’s natural hair colour is actually blonde, rather than the deep auburn she usually carries off so beautifully. So, rather than switching-up her hair colour and trying something new, the actress is actually going back to her roots (literally!) with her new honey kissed style. Emma’s pale complexion works really well with this shade, but hopefully she’s not saying goodbye to being a redhead forever, and we’ll get to see Stone go scarlet again in 2013.

2. Kate Middleton

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the drastic reinvention, but it’s fair to say that Kate Middleton’s fringe practically needed a horse and carriage of its own after the hype she received over this new trim. Luckily for the Duchess, award-winning celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward was put in charge of creating the new look. Women the world over guilty of DIY bangs can at least be grateful, in their next instance of kitchen scissors meet fringe, that they don’t receive this level of public attention!

1. Natalie Portman

As well as having a face that seemingly never ages, Natalie Portman is also annoyingly capable of looking amazing whatever her hair colour. Earlier this year she went from brunette to blonde, ordinarily a risky venture but no doubt Portman felt confident about the change, having previously donned a blonde wig for her role as a seductive stripper in Closer. The film also saw her wear a cropped pink hairpiece, further proof that the actress looks fabulous with even the most daring hair colour!


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