OMG: Michelle Williams Channels Rihanna By Updating Her Pixie Crop With The 'Century's Worst Hair Trend'

11 April 2013 by

Michelle Williams is known for her delicate pixie crop, but she recently fessed up that she is trying to grow out her short do. She first debuted her signuture gamine style in Cannes in 2010, but now she is facing the long slog of growing it out. She told E News 'I think I'm ready. It's on it's way, slowly but surely.' She joked 'I might want it now, but I’ll have it in three years.'

Anyone who has attempted to grow out a crop will know that you have to endure the awkward mid-length, and Michelle agrees: 'The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem.' But Michelle's solution to the growing out blues is to face it with a punk attitude, as she has styled up her slightly longer locks with an asymmetrical undercut à la Rihanna and Tilda Swinton. Michelle's new punky look has a long sweeping fringe falling over her face, deep parting and shorter right hand side.

 Michelle Williams Channels Rihanna By Updating Her Crop With The 'Century's Worst Hair Trend'

We love Michelle's fierce new look and have our fingers crossed it will inspire her to brave some edgier designs. Although Michelle can pull off this edgy look, it has been voted as the worst hair trend of the entire 21st century. Eek. As in a survery by professional hair care retailer who asked 1,000 respondents to name the worst hair trends of the last 13 years - Ri-Ri's undercut came out on top with 20% of the vote.

This look is known as the ‘Skrillex’ trend, named after DJ Skrillex, and consists of shaving one side of the head with the rest remaining long. Rihanna has tried out every possible version of the undercut, wearing it as a brunette, red head and blonde and with both long extensions and a short spikey crop. But the Barbadian beauty isn't the only star to try out this egy do, as Agyness Deyn, Tilda Swinton, Miley Cyrus and more have all reached for the razor and shaved off one side of their head.

See who else has had an undercut in the gallery below...


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