Kate Middleton's Latest Hair Secret? Rossano Ferretti's £600 "The Method" Haircut

10 December 2013 by

Kate Middleton sporting her £600 couture cut (Getty Images)

There’s no denying that team Grazia beauty will be eternally jealous of Kate Middleton’s gorgeous, glossy, flowing locks. What’s more, when we heard that Kate had recently spent 6 hours getting her hair cut (that’s some serious new-mum TLC) we knew this brunette beauty was a girl after our own hearts- sometimes a bit of salon-style pampering is just what the doctor ordered. However, even us beauty ladies were a little flummoxed by the duration of K-Mid’s recent salon trip- 6 hours? What on earth was Kate doing for 6 hours?

Alas, in the world of beauty, patience really is a virtue, as when we spied Kate’s new glossy, bouncy mane, it was clear that her salon trip really was worth every single minute- and every single penny, as a little birdie tells us that Kate’s couture cut set her back £600 and was the handiwork of none other than Italian hair expert Rossano Ferretti. Having tamed the tresses of Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek and even Pippa Middleton, Ferretti has even patented his own cutting technique, known as “The Method”. At each of Ferretti’s 20 salons worldwide (he has just opened his first in London- Kate’s new haunt) all stylists are taught this clever cutting technique- a take on the invisible haircut. Rather than cutting bluntly and horizontally, “The Method” involves the hairdresser making quick, upward snips into the hair (roughly 3 per second) and always in the direction that the hair naturally falls. The result? A super-natural finish which really brings out the natural texture and structure of the hair. What’s more, "The Method" is extremely effective on both long and short hair, which might explain why both Princess Diana and the Duchess were so thrilled with their Ferretti cuts.

Using patented texturizing scissors, Ferretti aims to take weight out of the hair without compromising length

Sound impressive? It is. Hair guru Ferretti himself said, “You cannot see the scissors when I cut hair- what you only see is the final product. In fact, you may not be able to tell what we’ve done but you’ll be transformed.” He also added, “Each section is different. One area of your hair falls in one way, another in a different way, so it is important to create a cut that makes the most of how your hair naturally lies.” There was clearly some method in Kate’s madness! Want a cut like Kate's? You can find Rossano Ferretti at 17 St. George Street, London, W1S 1FJ. Call 0207 493 0555 for more information or to make an appointment.

Time and money well spent? We think so. Check out Kate’s best-ever hair moments in the gallery below…


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