January Jones' Hair Evolution From Pink Streaks To Red-Headed Extensions

24 January 2013

There's been pink streaks and blonde bouffants, long red plaits and a brunette pony - yes, January Jones has had quite the hair history. In fact, the gorgeous actress has changed her 'do so many times, we're losing track.

To be fair, January's constant beauty updates are usually down to her various acting jobs rather than a desire to be unrecognisable. Ms Jones gave the red-headed trend a try for her role as a former prostitute in Sweetwater and even dabbled in the dark side but she's best known as a blonde siren.

Yes, our favourite January moments are when the star is stalking the red carpets in true Marilyn Monroe stylee - we're talking icy-hued bombshell waves teamed with porcelain skin and bold red lips. It works wonderfully with her retro aesthetic and she sure knows how to amp it up with beehives and flickly bobs that wouldn't be out of place in Betty Draper's hair wardrobe. Her oh-so-glam Mad Men character seems to have rubbed off on January's personal preferences and she knows how to channel that classic elegance with aplomb, even when she is off-duty.

So although her career inevitably influences Jan-Jones' hairvolution, this is one lady who likes to get playful too. In March 2012, we saw her tackle the streaky trend with bubblegum pink accents in her blonde tresses. And remember in 2011 when she went all futuristic on us at the Unknown premiere with a severe up-do tempered by a poker-straight, side-swept fringe? Talk about versatile!

During the Sundance Film Festival, the actress exclusively spoke to Grazia Daily about her ever-changing mane. 'I have been every colour and now my hair is falling out in clumps,' she told us. 'I’ve been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again. I’m going to have to shave it off and wear a wig.'

So what's her favourite hair hue? 'I like it all colours, it makes you feel different according to what colour it is, but I prefer to be blonde. My son recognises me in photos when I am blonde, he says mama.'

As for the different reactions she gets, the star said, 'I didn’t get treated differently when I was red-headed, but when I went dark for a few months, I was suddenly invisible. Not just as a celebrity, but to my friends and family. I was like, "Come on you guys, it’s me!"'

Well, you can hardly blame them, Janners. See for yourselves with January's hair transformation in the gallery above. Wonder if it'll be a blue wig she opts for...


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Maria Jackson (Fri Jan 25 14:57:12 GMT 2013): I like UK Fashion trend because it is so growing. http://fashion-kornar.blogspot.com/2012/04/hot-uk-fashion-trend.html
Deborah M Lancaster (Mon Jan 28 20:16:42 GMT 2013): I can't help but wonder, is it from all the hair coloring or have you had your thyroid checked lately? That will cause hair to fall out in clumps too. Just a thought.
Susan Wright (Mon Jan 28 20:22:02 GMT 2013): I do not color my hair and it started falling out in clumps as well. My ponytail was smaller than my pinky finger. It was a thyroid problem. On meds now and taking biotin. Slowly and I do mean slowly, it is looking a little thicker.
Lisa Gignac (Mon Jan 28 21:59:26 GMT 2013): This could be a symptom of anorexia as well. Not eating right for long periods of time, can cause significant changes in metabolism. It can take 3 or more months after eating right again for things to normalize and obviously longer for hair to regrow.
Connie J Reynolds (Mon Jan 28 22:26:21 GMT 2013): There is disorder that's amazing how many people don't know about, it's called alopecia. It is an abnormal hair loss and can affect men or women at any age. Sometimes it comes out in spots and sometimes you can lose every hair on your head and/or your body. Very devastating. There is really no known cause of why it happens.
LeeAnn Dixon (Mon Jan 28 22:29:30 GMT 2013): check you thyroid. wear a wig. get a new hairdresser, this is not normal DUH!
Sue Jeanquart (Mon Jan 28 22:40:30 GMT 2013): A L O P E C I A... sounds like to me. Or perhaps a thyroid issue.
Cindy Kril Rose (Mon Jan 28 22:52:02 GMT 2013): Didn't she just have a baby not too long ago? My hair was falling out in clumps after I had my son, and I was feeling very tired, cold, dry skin, and gaining weight. Somehow having a baby affects hormones, and also the thyroid. She needs to go for a blood test pronto, because that's what happened to me. Finally feeling better, but the hair still hasn't come back all the way yet.
Denika Penn-Carothers (Tue Jan 29 00:50:11 GMT 2013): www.theherbalnatureway.com has an EXCELLENT product, all natural, that restores hair loss.
Diane Streitz Cruz (Tue Jan 29 02:15:31 GMT 2013): My hair has been falling out this year also. My doctor said I am short on Vit D and biotin and am currently taking them. My thyroid is also very low but am not on that yet. Shaving my head and going grey are NOT options! *:^)
Debbie Angelo (Tue Jan 29 02:16:29 GMT 2013): The majority of the time, when your hair falls out in clumps, it has nothing to do with dying it. It's from stress. Stress related alopesia. She should see a professional.
Debbie Angelo (Tue Jan 29 02:17:50 GMT 2013): Stress related alopecia. This is what happened to me once. See a professional, and no, I don't mean a hair care professional.
Julia Smith (Mon Feb 04 05:17:36 GMT 2013): I like UK Fashion trend because it is so growing. http://fashion-kornar.blogspot.com/2012/04/hot-uk-fashion-trend.html