January Jones On Playing A Prostitute & Being An 'Invisible' Brunette: EXCLUSIVE

25 January 2013

If there's one lady that's got the Sundance Film Festival buzzing it's January Jones. In new film Sweetwater, the actress plays a former prostitute living in the brutal plains of Mexico in the 1880s who finds herself at the mercy of a polygamous sect leader after her husband is brutally murdered. Yep, it's an intense one. So how did she feel about using weapons in the violent Western?

January Jones On Playing A Prostitute In Sweetwater & Her Ever-Changing Hair Colour

Interview by Emma Pritchard Jones at Sundance

'My Dad actually taught me to use rifles and shotguns when I was a child, so I already knew how to operate one,' January told Grazia Daily. 'It’s always exhilarating and almost powerful to hold one, but frightening too. To be honest though, I was more scared learning how to horse ride.'

In the film, the natural blonde goes red with strawberry-coloured hair extensions. 'I have been every colour and now my hair is falling out in clumps,' she told us. 'I’ve been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again since last week. I’m going to have to shave it off and wear a wig.' Yikes!

Indeed, January has had quite the hair-volution with even pink streaks thrown into the mix. So what's her favourite hair hue? 'I like it all colours, it makes you feel different according to what colour it is, but I prefer to be blonde. My son recognises me in photos when I am blonde, he says mama.'

As for the different reactions she gets with different colours, the star says, 'I didn’t get treated differently when I was red-headed, but when I went dark for a few months, I was suddenly invisible. Not just as a celebrity, but to my friends and family. I was like, come on you guys, it’s me!' Well, it's certainly one way to go unnoticed.

Check out January's hair history in the gallery below >>


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