House of Grazia: Diane Kruger's Hairdresser Adam Reed On How To Get Her Look

18 February 2013 by

The extremely charming high fashion hairdresser, Adam Reed, came to the House of Grazia on Sunday and filled us in on the fascinating tricks of a catwalk hairdresser's trade - one who's as au fait with a dramatic chignon or mocked-up sweaty dancer's hairdo as he is with placating an irate supermodel backstage.

Another aspect of Adam's work is that of a personal right-hand man to certain showbiz clients, who regularly head in Adam's direction to keep their tresses in check amid hectic jet-setting shedules and numerous public appearances. One such lady (although, if you ask us, she always looks so perfect -its debatable whether that is down to Adam or her genes - or a combination of both). It's the lovely, actress, model and Chanel muse, Diane Kruger of course!

Adam explains; 'I got together with Diane Kruger about seven years ago when she was doing Troy. And in those days it was Diane Heidkrüger, from Germany, really pretty, really nice and a model. And not able to speak much English at all, just a few words. Much later I discovered she speaks seven languages fluently, so I now suspect she might have been pretending not to, due to shyness.'

After all these years Diane and Adam have a routine. Says Adam; 'I go travelling around with her and sometimes I am her date at an event if Joshua [Jackson, her partner] can't go. 

'When we're off on a junket we'll do one simple look for day, then do an outfit change and a hair change in the evening.'

'Unusually for a star, Diane always does her own makeup, and I do her hair for the various events. I suppose she does her face herself because years of modelling taught her the techniques she needs and she now knows what suits her'.

'One thing you have to know about Diane is her very close relationship with Karl Lagerfeld. They are both German, both live in the same appartment building in Paris and Diane goes to all the Chanel shows.

'Once we cut up a Chanel dress and put the embellishment from the dress into Diane's hair - with Karl Lagerfeld's permission, I hasten to add!!'

'Diane is always happy for me to experiment on her hair. Once I even put buttons in her hair  - she's open to trying new things, she does trust me and nothing we've done has gone wrong yet . . . touch wood!'

When you meet other celebrities, like, I do Agyness [Deyn] for example - she's got her look and sticks to it - whereas Diane will try anything - she loves to do something she's not done before . .  . she's a real hair chameleon.'

Now scroll through our gallery (above) to see the many hairstyles of Diane Kruger.


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