Hitchcock Heroines: How To Get The Blonde Hair Look From Grace Kelly To Janet Leigh

05 December 2012

‘What woman doesn’t want to look glamorous and chic?’ – This, the answer from Charles Worthington, when asked why he thinks the blonde bombshell look continues to be so popular. And it’s true, because if polish and confidence is what you want to achieve, partnered with undeniable sex appeal, you can’t go wrong in styling your ‘do like one of Alfred Hitchcock’s leading lady.

Considering the anticipation for the release of Sacha Gervasi’s new film Hitchcock, starring Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel as the beautiful Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, it’s evident that the Hitchcock Blonde hairstyle is as legendary as the women sporting it. You don’t have to have watched Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief or Tippi Hedren in The Birds, to appreciate the timeless style of the stars. Charles Worthington explains, ‘There is a real trend for a more polished and coiffed appearance and I think this look is so relevant at the moment – it exudes confidence, passion and effortless cool and always looks modern. The Hitchcock Blonde Bombshell is a look that never goes out of fashion and this it is so easy to achieve. Set hair in medium heated rollers, brush out and mist with hairspray to hold.’

However, pulling off this look is as much about your curling tong technique as it is about maintaining healthy, glossy hair. Grazia asked three hair experts - Sam McKnight, James Brown and Charles Worthington - what other tips they can give to achieve this luscious blonde look at home.

By Helena Hamilton

GALLERY >> Hitchcock Blonde hair tips from the experts

How to prepare your hair by Sam McKnight

Grace Kelly in Rear Window

Sam explains that preparation is key to creating Hollywood curls: ‘Curly hairstyles are often misconstrued as difficult to accomplish and conserve. The key is to use products such as [a href="http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=271631086" target="_blank">Pentene Prop-V Aqua Light Shampoo, £4.49[/a], that help to control frizz and define curly styles. You need to use shampoo that hydrates and detangles the hair to allow soft, bouncy, tangle free curls. Healthy hair is the most important feature for this look. For coloured or highlighted hair in need of an extra conditioning boost, spritz the [a href="/weblogEntries/Pantene%20Pro-V%20Coloured%20Hair%20Instant%20Protection%20and%20Shine%20Spray%20http:/www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=271662521" target="_blank">Pantene Pro-V Coloured Hair Instant Protection and Shine Spray, £5.40[/a].’

How to achieve the right shade of blonde by James Brown

Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest

Being a ‘dusty blonde with cool, icy tones as opposed to having warm, golden tones’ is James’ top tip for choosing the right hair colour. The celebrity hair stylist thinks the look is so popular because ‘rather than modern Californian blondes (the Hitchcock look) is timeless and classic.’ James advises that you reference the dusty tones of Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest, ‘because it’s the simplest look and it’s still modern today.’

How to avoid damage to coloured hair by Charles Worthington

Kim Novak in Vertigo

Although dying your hair blonde is often considered an easy way to feel rejuvenated and achieve a striking look, the resulting maintenance of such a decision must be considered. ‘I’d suggest an intensive treatment mask, especially if you are regularly using styling tools too’, stresses Charles. ‘Bleach can be so drying on the hair and the added heat wreaks havoc on condition. I’ve just launched the [a href="http://www.charlesworthington.com/hair-products/overnight-ultimate-hair-healer" target="_blank">Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer, £14.99[/a], which you put on before bed. It’s been tested to double hair strength overnight so that when you wake up vitality is fully restored and hair is healthier and stronger.’

How to get volume with wavy or curly hair by James Brown

Janet Leigh in Psycho

This look simply cannot be accomplished with sloppy, flat locks. Volume is an absolute must and James tells us a simple how-to without ruining natural waves or curls: ‘Backcomb the hair at the crown, smooth over with a bristle brush such as a Mason Pearson and then finish with hairspray. I’d recommend using the [a href="http://www.boots.com/en/James-Brown-London-Photo-Fabulous-wave-spray-150ml_1205933/" target="_blank">Photo Fabulous Wave Spray, £7.19[/a] and [a href="http://www.boots.com/en/James-Brown-London-Hairspray-Effortless-Hold-250ml_1257715/" target="_blank">Effortless Hold Hairspray, £6.29[/a], from my signature range.’ Alternatively, James advises that you can embrace the vintage theme and set the hair in heated rollers (‘straightening irons create an effect that is too modern’), creating curls whilst training the roots to hold their height.

How to transform this look to long hair by James Brown

Vera Miles in The Wrong Man

Before you long-haired ladies reach for the scissors and Grazia gets the blame for an at-home haircut epidemic, be comforted in the knowledge that James has the perfect solution for you to achieve this fabulous Hitchcock blonde look. ‘First, sweep the hair into a ponytail and fasten with a hair band close to your own hair colour. Then, wrap the hair under and pin it to give the impression of a bob – Jessica Biel achieved this look at the Total Recall premiere.’ To accentuate the starlet style, curl the hair before this process using curling tongs or heated rollers.

How to maintain Hollywood shine and vitality by Charles Worthington

Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Want your hair to shine like diamonds? Literally! Charles tells us how. ‘One of the hardest things to achieve with blonde hair is shine and vitality’, he explains. ‘While all the Hitchcock Blondes are fairly icy in colour, the hair always looks healthy and luminous. I apply a shine treatment for a radiance, boost - the Charles Worthington [a href="http://www.charlesworthington.com/hair-products/diamond-shine-gloss-treatment" target="_blank">Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment, £12.99[/a], is the ideal product for this. Diamond dust helps our unique luminoil complex to penetrate the hair from root to tip so that the hair literally radiates shine.’


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