Happy 33rd Birthday Justin Timberlake! Look Back At His Incredible Hairvolution

31 January 2014 by

GALLERY>> Justin Timberlake's Hairvolution


It's 1997 and *NSYNC are about to blow up, so obviously Justin's gelled down his curls to show off his big time pirate earring


Fast-forward to 1999 and JT's looking fresh with a crispy bleached mane to match new girlfriend Britney Spears' locks.


What better way to celebrate performing at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards than with cornrows and a tough-guy bandana?!


Working caramel highlights, *NSYNC Justin let's his curls roam free later in 2000. Maybe signifying that he wants to roam free himself?


Uh oh. Badboy JT shaves his head in August 2001. Note the Fred Durst beard and eyebrow gap.


In January 2002, Justin hits the bleach again, this time channeling Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.


Justin goes back to brunette in February 2002. Love those frosted tips.


Cutting all his ties as well as his hair, Justin splits from Britney and *NSYNC and releases solo album 'Justified'.


RIP CURLS. Justin Timberlake kicks off his acting career in movie 'Edison Force' and is rugged with a beard in February 2004.


Totes in love with Cammy D, JT's just a happy surfer dude with flicky locks in September 2005.


Goodbye hair, goodbye Cammy. As Justin starts dating Jessica Biel, he opts for an easy-breasy cropped look in May 2007.


Justin, the suave Hollywood actor, opts for neat waves while on his musical hiatus in 2008.


'Social Network' Justin ups his mousse game in January 2010, sporting an extra an inch of volume.


Hey, 2010 heartthrob Justin! While appearing as a sexy rom-com hunk in 'Friends With Benefits' and 'Bad Teacher', JT has a 'short back and sides' with honey highlights.


In 2012, just-married Justin opts for a business-casual wedding-friendly look.


Erm, guys… where've the curls gone? Tom Ford helps transform JT into retro-quiffed 'Suit And Tie' Justin in 2013.


'20/20 Tour' Justin is super-slick in January 2014 with a combed-back quiff.

Justin Timberlake - singer, actor, sexpot - turns 33 today. From band member to solo singer and from successful actor to.. err.. solo singer again, JT's career's chopped and changed a lot since *NSYNC formed in 1995 (FYI that's 19 years ago), but not nearly as much as he's changed his barnet.

Recently JT's been sporting a straightened retro look, apparently selected for him by Tom Ford, but he's not always had such sleek hair. There were the bouffant ringlets of the '90s, the multiple shaved head looks, the quiffs, the highlights, the full head of bleach and, of course, THE CORNROWS. No one knows how to control frizz and deal with unruly curls better than Justin.

The 'SexyBack' singer's hair's changed alongside his relationship status - he got blonder with Britney, more surfer-style with Cammie and more groomed with Jess - as well as his career moves (wanna make people think you're edgy - shave your head) and he's never been afraid to try a trend. No man before or after Justin has been as committed to follicle experimentation. He's downright daring with his 'do.

What better way to celebrate JT's big day then, than by reminiscing over the weird, wonderful and downright saucy hairstyles Justin's rocked over the past couple of decades. Fingers-crossed he plans to celebrate his 33rd birthday with a new even more daring style. Long Brad Pitt style waves perhaps?


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