Are You Making These Hair Mistakes? Hairdresser Beverly C On What To Avoid

22 October 2013 by

Let’s face it- when it comes to our hair, are any of us ever happy? If, like us, you spend your days longing for bouncy, healthy, effortlessly beautiful hair (cue Pantene-worthy adverts), it’s safe to say that you’re probably not only spending a fortune on expensive products but also forking out for oodles for styling tools and scary-sounding salon treatments to boot. However, what would you say if you found out your seemingly impressive hair routine was actually doing more harm than good to your trusty tresses?

Whilst none of us actively try to damage our hair, it turns out that those small things we do every day, those shortcuts we take to style our hair in the midst of the morning rush are actually doing just that. Alas, don’t fret ladies, as we caught up with hairdresser veteran and hair guru extraordinaire Beverly C to find out what we need to do give our poor follicles a chance. From styling to cleansing, read on to discover the most common hair mistakes to avoid if a glossy mane is to become a serious reality. Read on and learn ladies, read on and learn…

Hair guru Beverly C

Mistake 1: Washing Your Hair Every Day

“It’s best to wash your hair no more than every 2 days. This way your natural oils can protect the scalp and also by not washing each day prevents excess oil on the scalp. What’s more, over-shampooing your hair promotes oil production and can make hair too oily.”

Mistake 2: Towel-drying Hair After Your Shower

“Don’t be too aggressive when rubbing the hair with a towel after the shower as this could cause damage. Instead, blot-dry the hair with a towel to take out the excess water.”

Mistake 3: A Low-Calorie Diet Is Doing My Body Wonders

“What we eat really affects the health of our hair, so a balanced diet is essential for healthy hair growth. A lot of people on strict diets or unhealthy vegetarian or non-vegetarian diets can often suffer from unhealthy hair growth or even hair loss.”

Mistake 4: Not Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

“It’s good practice to brush your hair before bed, mainly to stimulate the scalp, which is part of healthy hair growth. But be careful as too much continuous brushing can also promote an oily scalp so don’t over-do it.”

Mistake 5: Tying Your Ponytail In The Same Place

“If you have heavy hair and place it in an excessively tight ponytail on a regular basis, this can cause too much tension on the hair especially at the front hairline - excessive tension over a long period of time can weaken the hair around the hairline.”

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