The Grazia Quiffometer™: Who's Got The Most Impressive Quiff?

11 December 2013 by

Elvis the Pelvis was once king of the quiff, but since he had the world 'All Shook Up' there's been plenty of young pretenders vying for his crown. From follically blessed David Beckham to Mr. Quiffy fashion designer Henry Holland, we've rounded up the keenest quiffs and put them through our entirely scientifically and mathematically accurate Grazia Quiffometer™ to discover once and for all who is the ultimate quiffster. 

Despite some fine examples from throwback musicians Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, as well as tousled toff actors Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne, there could really be only one winner. Harry Styles is of course the heir hair apparent to every wild haired rock star from Mick Jagger to Jon Bon Jovi and his barnet is currently playing a supporting role to his Saint Laurent and Burberry packed wardrobe, which bagged him a British Style Icon Award this month.

In fact the teased style is inspiring legions of identikit lads across the country, setting him apart from his One Direction bandmates who also boast beautiful bouffants. Cheeky Irish chappy Niall Horan put in a good effort with his texturised quiff, but Harry's hair has a life force all of its own, as the once side swept tresses appear to be growing as quickly and as steeply as his rise to stardom. Or is he the male equivalent of Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls? 'Harry Styles knows everybody's business, he knows everything about everyone. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of secrets.' No wonder the Fash Pack wants to keep him around!

Check out Mr. Styles's rival quiffers in the gallery below...


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Ally Parris (Thu Dec 12 23:06:20 GMT 2013): I still think Elvis is the King of the quiff tbh, although I do likes Jedward's version.
Juliet Barrable (Thu Dec 12 23:15:28 GMT 2013): I would credit Jedward with the revivial of the quiff as they were sporting it back in 2009. They look great! No wonder so many are starting to have it too.
Lisa Hafey (Thu Dec 12 23:19:42 GMT 2013): I'm liking all the quiffs - Miley and Jedward discussed their respective quiffs at the recent EMAs in Amsterdam.
Molly Jepic X Clews (Fri Dec 13 23:31:48 GMT 2013): The quiff wouldn't exist without Jedward #Trendsetters
Tru Blu (Sat Dec 28 14:55:39 GMT 2013): The king of the quiffs is James Dean. He's the originator and he started it way before Elvis did. Elvis was a huge fan of Dean's also. Next time, do some research before writing an article people.