5 Top Celebrity Hairstylists: The A-List Share Their Secrets For Perfect Bridal Hair

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Luke Hersheson

"Basically, you should looks like yourself but better! Any little nuances you normally have, like a bit of height on the crown, or your fringe, a ponytail...whatever it is, keep it. It's your security blanket and you'll need it on your big day. Find a way with your stylist to incorporate these things and make it more polished - so if you always wear a ponytail, add more hair to it so it looks really full and healthy. You can keep all the things you love - just because it's a wedding, doesn't mean you have to have a stiff updo. The photos won't look good if you're visibly uncomfortable with an unfamiliar style. Have as many trials with your stylist as you want, and bring moodboards of what you love and what you hate so they can understand what you're after - it's all about communication. Make your normal hairstyle clear to them, too. A top tip would be a bit of Kerastase VIP Powder; it makes the hair hold well and adds texture and height"

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Josh Wood

“One of the biggest minefields when planning a wedding is what to do with your hair. In my experience, simple is the best way forward as you wouldn’t want to look back at pictures of your special day and not recognise yourself. To simplify things, I have a colour countdown which begins with a consultation appointment where you take in images of colours and styles you might like. From that point, your colourist and stylist will be able to advise on what they feel will best suit you from your visual references. The colour needs to be planned at least three months before your wedding date so the foundations can be laid and tweaked before fully committing to the colour. In the immediate run up, I like to work on the condition of the hair with a weekly salon treatment a month before the big date, so hair it looks and feels healthy and luxurious. Finally, it’s always advisable to try keep the colour slightly lighter at the hairline, even on brunettes. Even just a shade lighter really helps to highlight the face in photographs.”

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George Northwood

“If you have a go-to hairdresser plan ahead with a couple of trials to experiment with a few looks.  If not, trial with a few hairdressers and see which one fits the brief, plus take pictures with you so they understand your inspiration. Make sure they have done the look on you a couple of times as a practice run so that on the day everything goes to plan.  Plus if you’re wearing a veil you can practice with this to get the fit perfect. In the run up to the wedding get your hair in great condition – I love Pureology treatments which you can have in the salon and as an at home regime.  The Pureology Hydrate Masque is great for dry, colour-treated hair to restore suppleness and to leave hair feeling moisturised. Get your colour and a trim two weeks before to let the look settle in – but remember not to do anything drastic!”

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Paul Percival and Adam Reed, Percy & Reed Founders

"Many of our clients now have extensions put in before the big day if they have hair that lacks volume. Extensions are perfect to add volume and body as well as length to the hair. Make sure your hairstyle complements your dress. If your dress is very classic then you may want to have a slightly more casual style, with hair down. Or, for example, your dress may look better if you expose your neck. Different hair styles can transform the feel of a dress. For brides on a budget, heated rollers are still a great way to get a salon finished look on all wedding day hair. Far easier than blow drying your own hair, coated rollers are easy to use, and with their clamps they’re really easy to secure. People sometimes try to wrap far too much hair around one roller. The key to putting heated rollers in is to make sure each section of hair you are putting in a roller is the same size as the roller itself. Spray the section of hair with Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray, place the roller at the tip of the hair and gently roll up to the root. Once the rollers have cooled completely take them all out. Use a paddle brush to brush the curls loose. Part to one side and you will have beautifully styled hair created at home."

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Marc Trinder, Art Team Director at Charles Worthington

"We offer a free consultation to discuss ideas, but most brides to be come in for at least one trial usually a month before the big day- I usually do this on the same day after a cut and colour so the hair looks fresh, easy to see the final result for stronger impact.  This also is a great opportunity for the client to purchase the very best products and home care range to work on and improve the quality of their hair at home between salon visits. In our consultation we discuss, face shape, skin tone, suitability, likes and dislikes and cover all areas of concern and what to consider.  Even the environment of the venue, this can rule out if hair is up or down for example. For me its all about suitability, and working with swatches of colour, fabric and photos of the dress/ theme of the day are all factors to consider when choosing that special style.  The most important factor in all of this is making a bride FEEL wonderful, and making sure they feel like themselves- and not like someone else. It's essential to have a great relationship with your stylist so this can be achieved- which is why planning ahead is always the best option."

Gone are the days were brides basically had to wear their hair up, hidden under a huge veil and all tightly pulled back off their faces. Thanks to a slew of über-chic celebrity brides (we're looking at you, Mossy), undone hair is now totally acceptable for your big day. However, more choice only makes choosing a perfect 'do even harder. No fear - we've asked a bunch of stylists to the stars for their top tips for nupital fabulousness. That means the talented hands behind the locks of supermodel supremos like Rosie Huntington Whiteley can now also be yours. Well, kind of. Click through the gallery above for more.

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