Brad Pitt Sports Dreadlocks For Interview Magazine: Is It A Hair Do Or Don't?

By Lauren Murdoch-Smith - 24 November 2014

Beauty Editor

Brad Pitt Sports Dreadlocks For Interview Magazine: Is It A Hair Do Or Don't?

Brad Pitt may be looking clean cut and super suave for Chanel No. 5 but for a new shoot in Interview magazine, it's quite the opposite.  Whipping his hair back and forth like Willow Smith, the actor has embraced - wait for it - dreadlocks. We’re talking Rasta-tastic, Bob Marley style, grey, long dreadlocks - and yes, he still looks hot!

In an interview with Guy Ritchie for his new film, Killing Them Softly (out at the end of November) photographer Steven Klein captures Brad in several different characters including a Hitman, which is rather apt considering the film focuses on the perils of organised crime.  Of course, as the versatile actor that Brad is, he pulls the characters off convincingly, but none more so than Dreaded Brad.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has rocked a dreadlocked style. Remember when Shakira turned her blonde locks into a set of dreadlocks? Not to mention the oh-so-stylish Lauryn Hill and style chameleon Rihanna.  And who remembers Faye from Steps?  Hmm, perhaps enough said on that example! However, Brad’s take on dreads is more like original Rasta man Bob Marley than a fashion statement so we can't see them making a comeback (or rather, we hope).

So perhaps not a trend that will take off any time soon, and one that might remain on the red carpet rather than a treatment you can request at your local hair salon, but we just hope that Brad's hair stylist had plenty of conditioner to return that lovely head of hair to it's glossy glory for wife-to-be Angelina.

Check out our gallery of other famous heads of hair bound into dreadlocks and let us know: is the look a hair DO or a DON'T?


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