No Yellow Foundation Here! First Look At MAC's Collaboration With The Simpsons

By Tor Cardona - 8 December 2014

Contributing Writer


Whether it was your favourite pastime as a kid or it's still your guilty pleasure, watching the legendary town of Springfield come to life is something many of us can share. So the news of our favourite yellow family's collaboration with MAC has got us beauty girls very excited!

Past collaborations with MAC include some of our best childhood friends such as Barbie, Miss Piggy, Wonder Woman and Archie, so as the longest standing American sitcom, it was only a matter of time before it was the turn of The Simpsons. The makeup collection is set to launch this September.

With the full secrets of the collection yet to be released, it’s anyone’s guess what goodies are concealed behind Marge’s bulging eyes, super long lashes and bushy blue hair. We do however have a sneak peek of some of the products and a rather mysterious statement from Marge herself: “I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue compliments my hair perfectly”.

Thank you Marge, Beehive Blue is a hit with us too and the pale rosy blusher is a dream come true, soft and unassuming (unlike Homer, ha). We have to admit we’re slightly suspicious of the product hidden behind Marge’s angry eyes (top right), for now we can only hope it isn’t a bright yellow concealer!

If you can’t wait till September to get your hands on the collection, you’ll have to head to the limited pre-launch on July 26th at San Diego’s Comic-Con convention, where you’ll find the products at MAC’s Gaslamp location. Or just save the air fare and wait till it lands on our shores.

While we wait, see some of our favourite ever MAC collaborations in the gallery below...


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