Facialist Sarah Chapman Reveals Her Golden Rules For Radiant Winter Skin: EXCLUSIVE

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Facialist extraordinaire and skincare expert Sarah Chapman

Between the harsh weather outside and the blasting heating inside, it’s safe to say your skin needs a serious helping hand come winter. If, like us, your skin is suddenly breaking out in dry, tight patches, your lips are constantly chapped and your hands are looking a little weather-beaten, then it’s time to take some beauty action ladies! Why let bad weather cause complexion woes when a few simple changes will keep dryness at bay, resulting in a dewy, radiant glow guaranteed to transform you into an ethereal snow queen. Want in? We do. Just read on for facialist Sarah Chapman’s top tips, exclusive to Grazia Daily. Read on and learn, ladies..

Grazia Daily: Come winter, what are your favourite skincare products?

Sarah Chapman: I absolutely love my Overnight Facial, £39.60. It’s so restorative, full of antioxidants, vitamins and omega oils.  It feels really nurturing and is delicious to use but also helps combat effects of cold and central heating.

GD: Sounds amazing. So do you think we should be using different creams for day and night?

SC: I would always recommend using a day cream with an added SPF which you obviously don’t need at night.  A great deal of your skin’s natural rejuvenation process takes place at night. Applying specific night treatments that are rich in high performance actives helps the skin to take advantage of its own night time cell renewal process and its benefits. Night is the time to repair, not defend!

One of Sarah's faves- the Overnight Body Treatment (@scskinesis)

GD: Do you think we should be using an SPF during winter then?

SC: Oh, definitely! UVA/B rays can damage the skin all year round – don’t forget that UVA rays are around us all the time, they can penetrate clouds, glass and are emitted from computer screens and fluorescent lights too. ‘A’ is for ageing so these are the rays that cause cellular damage and accelerated ageing.

GD: And what about supplements? Do you think we should be taking anything extra come winter?

SC: Of course. I always take omega oils as they help your cells hold onto moisture more effectively which is crucial in winter. I would also always recommend vitamins C for health but also to support capillary walls in extreme temperatures and help prevent broken capillaries.

GD: Talking about capillaries- any top tips to avoid redness and flushing of the cheeks?

SC: Try to avoid spicy food and alcohol and use warm water for bathing rather than piping hot. Oh, and always rinse your face with cool water to tighten the capillaries after cleansing.

GD: What’s the best way to exfoliate sensitive skin?

SC: Good question. Try to avoid harsh, scratchy exfoliants as they can tear and damage sensitive skins.  My Overnight Exfoliating Booster, £57, gently exfoliates overnight while you sleep though gentle retinols and actives.  You can use this on the eye area even taking it up to the lash line.

Sarah in her clinic (@scskinesis)

GD: A good excuse to get some sleep then! And what would you say is the best way to keep hands moisturized in the cold?

SC: Make sure you wash your hands with a hydrating hand wash and avoid foaming agents that can dry out the skin like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). Always use a good hand cream after washing your hands and wear gloves whenever you are outside in the cold.  I created Overnight Hand & Nail Treatment, £28.72 to give your hands the attention you give your face overnight which really helps to keep them looking younger.

GD: Finally, what would be your number 1 tip for women during the colder months?

SC: Keep hydration levels topped up at all times! Winter plays havoc with hydration in the skin – keep your skin topped up with an extra boost such as my Intense Hydration Booster, £47. Remember that dehydrated skin looks much older, lines are more obvious and there’s a real lack of radiance. Stay hydrated!


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