Beauty Blogger Of The Week: Jill From Pout Out Proud On Her Top Blogging Tips

06 November 2012 by

Jill only started writing beauty blog Pout and Proud back in April this year but already it's become a go-to site to discover the latest beauty finds. She regularly contributes to Grazia's 'Beauty Products to buy this Weekend' feature and we've loved watching her blog grow. Find out more by reading our Q&A...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?  

Jill: I've dipped my fingertips (painted, obviously) in and out of the blogsphere for a few years now, but it was about six months ago that I really got into blogging. I launched 'Pout Out Proud', a beauty blog specialising on the hottest new products available, and never looked back.

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?

Jill: I've always been passionate about beauty products, looking and feeling good is paramount. But my main inspiration for starting a beauty blog was the number of friends and family who would ask me for advice on make-up and hair care. It was also an emotional time, with my father falling terminally ill, and blogging seemed like a really healthy focus. I remember designing the illustrations for the background thinking: 'I'm so excited to get this blog going'.

Grazia Daily: What's been your highlight so far?  

Jill: A real highlight for me was putting my blog out into the public sphere and getting lots of great feedback. I pride myself on having a chatty, down-to-earth tone, so seeing people respond well to that was great. Being approached by Grazia magazine to write weekly product picks was also a huge reward, a definite highlight in my blogging career.   Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?   Jill: For me, the best perk is having a legitimate reason to buy EVERYTHING. Really, I'm terrible. Sometimes I have to restrict myself from all cosmetic stores; a 3-for-2 sign is an instant no-go area. My handbag is approximately 1.3 tonnes worth of lipsticks, glosses and tints in every shade of coral, fuchsia and plum. Ridiculous.

Grazia Daily: What are your favourite beauty brands?  

Jill: I'm a bit of a beauty flirt, never faithful to just one brand. But I am a huge lover of Benefit cosmetics, their newest mascara 'They're Real!' is brilliant, and I can't get enough of their light pink Dandelion blush for a delicate glow. For a slick of 1920's lip glamour I love Chanel's 'Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour', and foundation-wise I'm addicted to the light, flawless finish of Maybelline's 'Dream Matt Mousse'. I'm a Tigi addict when it comes to hair care; invest in some 'Ego Boost Split End Mender' if you're aiming for lush long locks.

Grazia Daily: Blog brag time - why should people read your blog?  

Jill: Pout Out Proud is great because it's fun and informative, without taking itself too seriously. Beauty should be a luxury that everyone can delve into, so I make sure that anyone can read my blog and think: I can do that. Everyone wants to look and feel sexy. It's my mission to find out what products enhance your natural beauty, adding that extra special something to any look.

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?

Jill: If you want to start a blog, my top tip is to be passionate about your subject. It really shows. Design, fancy illustrations, and slick fonts can only do so much; the main driving tool behind any good blog is enthusiasm. Pictures are a really useful asset in blogging too; a good picture will sell your content. Develop a strong tonal voice and stick with it, as your readers will come to relate with that every time they dip in, like having a cheeky coffee date with an old friend.

Grazia Daily: Which other beauty blogs do you love?

Jill: Pixiwoo is a fantastic blog for tutorials, I often have a browse through their blog just for some fresh inspiration. Vivianna Does Make-Up has a great mix of visuals (especially Instagram - LOVE!) and informative tips and reviews. What I Heart Today is another firm favourite (great pictures and layout), as is A Model Recommends, with it's brilliant tutorial videos.


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