Beauty SOS: Top Tips For Growing Long Healthy Hair Like Lana Del Rey And Cara Delevingne

15 October 2012 by

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The fairytale quote 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair' perfectly sums up the beauty look for Autumn/ Winter 2012. Long flowing locks ruled at Roberto Cavalli and Gucci while fashionistas from Azealia Banks to Cara Delevingne have made bottom-skimming tresses their signature look. Lana Del Rey is the queen of the Rapunzel clique as seen in her campaign for H&M where her dark glossy mane tumbles to the side creating the allusion of added length. Want to boost your own mop's growth and cultivate strong, healthy hair? Check out our top tips from beauty bloggers, hair stylists and Grazia editors in the gallery above...

Liz Hambleton, Grazia Beauty Director

‘I wash my hair every other day, mostly in the morning with Pure-ology (Sulphate Free and Vegan) Shampoo and conditioner or Kerastase Chroma Reflect Shampoo if my hair is looking a little dull. I like to use deep conditioners and my favourite thing to do is use Ojo n oil overnight - I smother it in my hair and wash it out in the morning.

Once every two weeks I use Pantene Clarifying Shampoo to wash out any build up and Louise Galvin Vit-Ox to refresh my colour - amazing product!

I always have to fight tangles so I make sure I always comb through with a wide tooth comb in the shower.

I never blow-dry my hair, at most it's just a blast with a hairdryer upside down to take the edge off but most days I 'yoga' it dry with my morning stretch or just walk to work with it wet.

Styling products don't come into my hair regime, I really hate the feeling of product on my hair but I do religiously use Kerastase Elixir morning and night on my ends to keep them tangle free and shiny. The day after I wash I find I need a bit of dry shampoo to boost volume at my roots - My faves are Klorane and Batiste.’

Amelia from Liana Beauty

‘Whenever I apply heat on my hair I’ll be sure to use TRESemme Heat Protection Spray, which is excellent as it gentle mists the hair and doesn't alter the style or weigh it down. Using a hair mask once a week helps to counteract any heat damage. My two favourites for bringing dry locks back to life are the Philip Kingsley Elasicizer Extreme and Bumble and Bumble Deep, both leaving my hair soft, conditioned and hydrated.’

[a target="_blank" href="">Liana Beauty[/a]

Adam Reed from Percy & Reed

‘Make sure that you maintain regular cuts, this will keep the hair strong and in perfect condition, remember that keeping your hair trimmed regularly will allow the hair to grow quicker and healthier. Use an oil to keep the ends smoothed and nourished, No Oil Oil!  And if you’re trying to grow your hair, I recommend taking Viviscal supplements.  They’re model Jessica Stam’s secret to healthy, thick and long hair!’

[a target="_blank" href="">Viviscal available from Percy & Reed Salon[/a]

Lauren Murdoch-Smith, Grazia Beauty Editor

‘When I had long hair (sob) for 14 years solid, I learnt a thing or two when it came to maintaining my mermaid hair.  I visited Adam Reed every 6-8 weeks for an ‘invisible trim’ to keep it in good health, lob off the split ends and wispy bits and encourage growth.  Salon trips aside, I had a daily hair routine that could not be messed with.  Tangle Teezer conditioner comb through in the shower.  Another Tangle Teezer comb through with Kerastase Elixir Ultime after towel drying followed by a blow dry with Moroccan Oil’s large barrel brush, the ONLY barrel brush allowed anywhere near my hair.  Purely for it’s no tangle skills. Without these vital tools, my long hair would not have survived the day.’

Fleur from Fleur de Force

'Invest in a good hair brush. I have found that a decent hair brush has been an important part of making sure that my long hair stays healthy looking. Bad quality hair brushes can damage and break your hair. If you have fine hair, think about investing in a Mason Pearson Brush. For those with thicker hair like me, a TangleTeezer is an absolute life saver!

Healthy Hair comes from within. If you want to grow long, luscious locks, you have to make sure that you are putting the right things in to your body. I find that my hair grows at it's fastest when I'm eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle.'

[a target="_blank" href="">Fleur De Force[/a]

Charlie at Four

‘I think the blow dry is the most important thing for good-looking hair.  It is not good enough to just let long hair loose to dry on its own, so if you don’t know how, ask your stylist to show you some long hair blow dry techniques. Ensure you have a decent hairdryer with a nozzle attachment and a brush with natural bristles (not metal spikes!), which will give the hair a sleek, silky finish.  I love La Biosthetique Organic Masque Vital for Damaged Hair for the Winter months.’

Rose Beer, Grazia Beauty Writer

‘I have naturally fair, wavy hair that is almost baby-like in texture. While this sounds well and good, the fact that the individual strands are so delicate and fine means that the tips snap off as fast as it grows.  I have consequently had to develop a very over-protective (don’t laugh) attitude to my hair-care.  This includes applying an oil like Shu Uemura Essense Absolu, £39.50 to the bottom of my hair on a nightly basis and twisting it into a bun to condition it while I sleep, using the amazing Tangle Teasers, £10.99 to prevent breakage when I brush and never ever letting my hair get caught in zips or under the strap of my handbag.  If I ever need to use heat stylers I always ensure that I use a heat protector too – Kerastase Ciment Thermique, £16.10 is my fave.’

Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today

‘My tip for keeping long hair in good condition is moisture, Moisture, MOISTURE! Dry hair isn’t a good look so I keep my hair silky soft by using Ojon’s Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. I then use the L'Oreal Rich Mythic Oil on the ends of my hair after styling which really helps control frizz and add shine.’

Angelica Hermon, Grazia Beauty Co-ordinator

‘I have 3 key rules to keeping my hair in tip top shape. First up is my trusty Tangle Teazer which I take everywhere – I have about five of them (handbag, shower, bathroom shelf, you name it). Secondly I always favour a hair mask over conditioners as they are much more nourishing and rich for my dry hair. My third rule is to go for regular trims – don’t leave it too long as then you’ll have to have way more cut off than you want, just book in for regular centimetre trims.
My favourite products are by Philip Kingsley as I find they really suit my hair and aren’t too harsh. I also love Shu Uemura Art of Hair Oil and Percy & Reed No Oil Oil. This is brilliant as by the time I have got round to drying my hair it’s already partially dry and the No Oil Oil doesn’t leave your hair all greasy and heavy thanks to it’s light texture. I also take an Omega supplement which is great for your hair’s condition and helps keep it strong and shiny (I hope!).
For colour I go to see the girls at FOUR who have got blonde colour down to a T. They have an amazing new treatment designed for long hair by exclusive hair brand La Biosthetique. It gives the most amazing results on every type of long hair, if it’s fine it will give it volume, if hair is thick it helps reduce volume and smooth out the wrinkles. Colour too is given an amazing finish whether hair is dark or blonde. Each treatment pack contains four ampoules, the first treatment is done  in the salon – and can be followed by a clear vegetable shine to give an incredible high tempo mirrored sheen to the hair.’


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