Get Legs Like A Celebrity With A-List Trainer Christina Howells

09 October 2012 by

Last week we reported on the latest A-List celebrity trainer Christina Howells, nicknamed the 'shape shifter' amongst her clients.  Christina's approach to exercise is aimed at creating a lean and feminine body.  Here Christina shows us some simple exercises to get the perfect pair of legs.

Chair Lift – works the inner thighs

Position: Lie on your right side with top leg resting on the chair. Bottom leg directly underneath. Left hand is placed on the floor in front to support you.

Action: Lift your lower leg up towards the chair seat. Then toes point down and you want to aim to the touch the underneath of the chair with the heel.

Now return the leg under control to the start position, repeat 20-30 times. Now lift your leg half way between the floors and the chair seat and pulse from the midway point to top 10-20 times.


  The smile – works the inner thighs and abdominals

Postion: Prop yourself up on your forearms. Knees bent.  Extend one leg out straight and rotate the leg open so the knee points outwards (this is very important to activate the inner thigh)

Action: Draw the lower belly inwards as you lift the straight leg upwards keeping the knee turned out. Think about working from the inner thigh. Lower the leg under control so the heel touches the floor and then sweep it out to the side and slightly upwards as if you are drawing a half smile. Hips stay level. Return the leg under control and repeat 10-20 times. This one can get quite intense.

Top Tip: Maintain the turn out of the knee to really activate the inner thigh. Keep your abdominals engaged and your hips even. You can always decrease the range of movement if it’s difficult.

  Abdominal with butt

Position: Come into push-up plank position with your hands and toes supporting you. Hands under shoulders.

Action: Scooping your lower abdominals in draw your right leg across towards your left elbow activating your oblique. Keeping the engagement in the abdominals return the leg back to the start position lightly touching the floor with the toe.

Now float the leg slightly upwards and out to the side like a pendulum action to engage the bum. Repeat 8-12 times each side.

Check out Christina's website and read more about her method.


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