Karl Lagerfeld Reveals His Hair History: 'I Was Tired Of My Long, Curly Hair'

26 September 2012 by

Karl Lagerfeld white ponytail hair

Thanks to a nosey inside her personal diary, we now know Choupette's every move. But never one to be outdone, the cool kitty's owner has opened up about his own grooming habits.

In the inaugural issue of quarterly men’s magazine M, Karl 'quote-a-minute' Lagerfeld reveals some fascinating facts about his daily routine and, most intriguingly, the origins of that legendary ponytail. And this gives us the perfect excuse to examine his hair-volution. Huzzah!

'When I was tired of the fashion for long, curly hair – because my hair was curly – I started to attach it,' Karl says of his famous ponytail. 'It was in 1976. So that means that I have had the ponytail for 35 or 36 years! Not bad, no?' Not bad at all sir.

Karl Lagerfeld Reveals His Hair History: 'I've Had The White Ponytail For 36 Years!' Karl Lagerfeld Reveals His Hair History: 'I've Had The White Ponytail For 36 Years!'

And quite honestly, can you really imagine a world without Karl's signature pony? Us neither. But after a thorough investigation through our picture archives, we've uncovered some marvellous snaps of the Kaiser with his aforementioned long, curly locks. What a hunk! And a very nice mankini too.

So once he'd established the slicked-back 'do, it was circa 1995 when Karl's bounce turned an ashen shade of grey - quelle horreur! - and unhappy with the colour, the white bouffant was born.

'It’s the easiest hairdo. I’m not very gifted for hairdos,' he says. 'I don’t like gel and all those products. It’s perfect with this white powder, because my hair is not that white at all.' 35 (or 36) years later and Karl's dry shampoo addiction is in full swing. He uses Klorane, since you're asking. 

As if that wasn't fascinating enough for you Karl fans, there's more! From his bizarre hat complex and flip-flop hate to the time he almost froze to death because he didn’t have the coat he wanted, you'll find them all on Fashionista. So we say thank you Monsieur Lagerfeld, you really are the gift that keeps on giving.


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