Beauty Blogger Of The Week: Anna Of Vivianna Does Makeup On Working In The Beauty Industry

25 September 2012 by

If you're a lipstick junkie or skincare obsessive then 22-year-old blogger Anna Gardner's online beauty diary, Vivianna Does Makeup is a must read. Discover the latest wonder products before they even hit the shelves and get Anna's verdict on everything from disappointing purchases to budget beauty. Find out more with our Q&A...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?

Anna: It's been just over two and half years since I wrote my first post huddled up in my University room, desperately avoiding revision and playing with lipsticks instead. God knows how I passed those exams!

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?

Anna: I'd been reading blogs for a few months and thought why not throw my own thoughts into the mix. A combination of that, an extreme (if slightly boarderline obsessive) life-long passion for makeup and my talent for procrastination made me press publish on my first post.

Grazia Daily: What’s been your highlight so far?

Anna: Not a week goes by without something from the blogging world making me raise a smile. But the highlight has to be using my blog as a demonstration of my love for the industry and securing myself a role as a beauty writer, which has always been a a dream job for me. My days are consumed road-testing the claims of the latest flawless foundations, questioning experts and typing away - girly heaven! Of course getting to meet and becoming good friends with other beauty bloggers whose blogs I adore is pretty darn awesome too.

Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?

Anna: Sometimes I do have to give myself a little slap round the face to see if I'm on planet Earth as I'm swatching an eyeshadow palette before it reaches stores or having a sneak peek at a new brand to hit the market. Blogging has given me so many amazing opportunities. But the best perk is getting to meet the founders of brands I've always loved, creators of products, veterans of the makeup world - talking to the people who have shaped the beauty industry as we know it is ridiculously inspiring and a huge privilege.

Grazia Daily: Where do you get your inspiration?

Anna: It sounds slightly creepy but aside from the list of bloggers that I stalk up online on a daily basis, I'm a big people watcher. So sometimes I'll see a girl walking down the street, meet up with a friend or spot a beauty counter assistant with a pop of colour on their lips or an interesting nail shade that I'll instantly want to go and pick up. I'm currently lusting over a gorgeous golden metallic eyeshadow shade I saw a girl wearing on the tube last week.

Grazia Daily: Blog brag time: why should people read your blog?

Anna: 'Vivianna Does Makeup' for me is an online beauty diary, chronicling my my makeup yays, neighs and completely unnecessary purchases. If you walk into Boots to pick up paracetamol and end up with £50 worth of beauty bits in your basket, Space NK appears more on your bank statement than any other shop and have a passion for peachy pink products then we're going to get on. Pop on over for a read!

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog? What skills/ equipment do you need?

Anna: The one mantra that I like to blog by is 'write a blog that you would like to read yourself'. Be honest, unique, stay true to what you love and get writing. You don't need any fancy equipment, I began with a simple point and shoot - a way with words and a passion for your subject will be enough to get the blogging ball rolling.

Grazia Daily: Which other beauty blogs do you love?

Anna: Some people check the news when they wake up but I tune into my beauty blogger feed to see what the 100+ bloggers that I follow have been up to. But if I had to cut it down, Lily from What I Heart Today is my number one enabler and has impeccable taste, my go-to skincare guru is Caroline from Beauty Mouth and if my makeup could look like Sandra's from 15 Steps and a Beauty Blog everyday then I'd be a happy chappy.


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