Millie Mackintosh Reveals Her New Eyelash Line! So Which Made in Chelsea Star Is The Biggest Fan?

18 September 2012 by

At lunch time today, we popped to Soho to see ex-Grazia intern, star of Made in Chelsea and now beauty entrepreneur Millie Mackintosh to hear all about the launch of her brand new eight-part eyelash line.  As it turns out, Millie has used her makeup artist know-how to create a collection of falsies that are supremely fool-proof and perfectly subtle too. Get a load of her sound-bites below and be sure to check out our pictures from the launch in the gallery above.

Grazia Daily: So how did this lash line come about?

Millie Mackintosh: It all started a year ago.  My manager knew the lovely Bridget from Nouveau Lashes and suggested that we meet up.  At first I wasn’t sure, but we had a chat and I loved all of her lashes so it was a no-brainer. Plus, because I am a beauty addict and trained as a makeup artist, I know what is needed from a good false lash, but also all of the problems that people have with them. My only condition was that I needed to have complete control of the process. Luckily Bridget agreed!

Grazia Daily: So what are the points-of-differences with these lashes?

Millie Mackintosh: Well, most lashes have latex in the glue but loads of people, including one of my best friends, are allergic to it so I wanted to have a latex-free adhesive.  I was also adamant that the glue came in a vial, not a tube, as it’s far less messy.  I’m not keen on really obvious false lashes, so I wanted them to all be really subtle and very wearable. I love that the base of my lashes is much narrower than normal (the same width as a single hair), and clear, so you don’t have to wear eyeliner along your lash line to hide them.

Grazia Daily: How did you decide on the styles?

Millie Mackintosh: It took ages and I had to beg all my friends to help me out.  I started with fifty, before wittling it down to twenty and then finally to the eight we have today.  There’s definitely something in there for everyone.

Grazia Daily: What are your false eyelash tips?

Millie Mackintosh: Don’t feel nervous to cut lashes in half and wear half a pair on the outer edge of your eye if you are nervous to wear them for the first time. Also those who are a bit lash-shy should maybe start with a pair that is super light and subtle.  Those with deep set eyes are often better to choose a brown pair as black can add shadow to their eye socket and be un-flattering. Lastly, don’t worry if you make a mistake – I do it all the time and just peel off the glue with the tweezers and start again.

Grazia Daily: Which is your favorite pair?

Millie Mackintosh: Well, apparently I am very fickle, because it changes every day.  Today it is the Mayfair ones.  

Grazia Daily: Have you worn them on the set of Made in Chelsea yet?

Millie Mackintosh: Yes – I have worn them for nearly every day of filming and I have showed them to all the cast.  I think Ollie Locke was most excited.  Hopefully he will wear some when he comes to the launch party tonight!

Grazia Daily: How is filming going?

Millie Mackintosh: It’s really good.  It’s been quite tricky combining filming with working on this project, but everyone has been really understanding and supportive and all the producers and cast are coming tonight.

Grazia Daily: What secret can you tell us about the new series?

Millie Mackintosh: Well, obviously there are plenty of awkward, sideways glances as always. Im offering a prize if you correctly guess which pair of my lashes I’m wearing every time I do it! I am waiting for someone to put a foot wrong so I can do a serious takedown too. Only kidding!

Grazia Daily: Finally, we can’t stop staring at your amazing jewels! Where are they from?

Millie Mackintosh: My earrings are from Zara Taylor, my necklace is Annouska and my star ring is Swarovski.

And with a flutter of her lashes, Miss Millie Mackintosh was off. How faaabulous!

Millie Mackintosh for Nouveau Lashes are available are at Selfridges and For a look inside Millie's make-up bag, click here.


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